Who is Jesus Christ



 Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ----- the most controversial of names.  
The most loved name. --------------- the most hated name.  
The name most greatly desired to understand. ---- the name most misunderstood.  

Why is there so much dispute and controversy???
Why are there such varying opinions??
What difference does it make??  

All three questions can be answered by this same statement:
If Jesus Christ is who the Bible says He is, then every human being must and will determine
"Who is Jesus Christ".
The Bible says in John 10:30 "I and My Father are One"; and John 14:10," I am in the Father,
and the Father is in Me".
Can it be that God, the Father, Creator of all and Jesus Christ are One and each One in the
Yes,!! That is exactly what the Bible teaches.
This being true, then every human being must choose what their belief is about Jesus Christ,
and what their relationship is to Him.  Because, He is your creator.  You would not exist,
except God gave you life.  You are His property.
Every human has a choice and must choose; each person WILL make a decision.
God guarantees,  you the right to choose!!

1) You may choose to believe that Jesus Christ is who the Bible says He is---
2) You may choose not to believe.  

There are only two sources through which a person can obtain evidence of "Who is Jesus

The first and only physical evidence is the Bible.   The Bible contains prophecy of the coming
of Jesus, the words and teachings of Jesus and the recorded testimonies of people who were
part of God's communication to mankind.  

The second evidence comes from any individual as they experience, in their own spiritual
search, the person of Jesus Christ.  

The first evidence,--The Bible
The Bible, although written with an elementary vocabulary, has been either understood or
misunderstood causing tremendous dispute and controversy between individuals, religious
groups, nations and nationalities.  The Bible has been interpreted  into all major languages
with many different versions of the Bible in several of those languages.  No other existing
book is so widely read or quoted.  Countless numbers of humans have devoted their entire life
to the study of the Bible, and yet the Bible and its central personality, Jesus Christ, remain the
greatest mystery and controversy among mankind.  Even religions who use the
Bible as their basis of existence dispute greatly over "Who is Jesus Christ".  

One example of what the Bible gives as evidence of who is/was Jesus Christ is found in the
book of John. John 1: 1, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and
the Word was God.  2).--He was in the beginning with God."
(V.14)-- "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory
of the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth ".  

In these verses the Bible uses the term " Word " in reference to Jesus Christ.  Within the
context there is only one reasonable interpretation;
"Word " = Jesus Christ.  "Word " describes who Jesus Christ was, His purpose, and His work
in coming to physical earth.  
Jesus Christ was the " Word " (spoken message) of God to mankind.  God's purpose in Jesus
Christ was to give His message in person by speaking His "Word ".  Jesus Christ's work was
to declare the "Word " from spiritual God to physical mankind.  

Each of these three statements are overlapping but uniquely point to the plan of God in giving
His Word, to His creation, the only and totally sufficient message-- the  "Word of God ".  
God--Word--Jesus Christ, Who was " in the beginning and by Him all things were created ".
Then He came into the flesh of a man, the One and only Son of God, the One and only Creator,
the Almighty God.
In John 14:10 the Bible quotes Jesus Christ as saying, " Do you not believe that I am in the
Father and the Father in Me? The words that I speak to you I do not speak on My own
authority; but the Father who dwells in Me does the works ". (11)
"believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me, or else believe Me for the sake of the
works themselves ".  

Thus, the Bible says that Jesus Christ was the Spirit of God in the body of a man.  Although
these things are stated in a simple vocabulary, how do we understand them? We can
understand that God as Spirit is able at the same moment to be present in America, South
America, Africa, Asia, Europe, etc. In the same manner, God placed His own Spirit into an
embryo and into the womb of Mary, which became Jesus Christ and still at the same time, God
as Spirit, was all present in all of creation.  

We as humankind have a beginning.  I began in my mother's womb and was born into this
world on October 24th, 1940.  Prior to that, I did not exist.  I had a definite beginning date
and was given a newly created eternal spirit by God.  Jesus Christ did not begin in the womb
of Mary, but was alive in the beginning -- God the Creator.  

In Ecclesiastes 12:7 the Bible says that the body dies and returns to the dust from which it
came, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.   

Science can prove that the elements of the body are the same elements that are in the dirt.  
Humans eat the produce that grows from the dirt and grow bodies.  So it is true, a scientific
fact, that our bodies are made of the dust of the earth.  

The spirit is more difficult to understand.  As a person is in the presence of someone dying it
becomes easy to understand, believe, and know that when a person dies, the spirit, or life,
does not die but leaves the body.  The body dies as the spirit leaves the body.  Both the
person dying and those around them can understand that.  There are many near-death
experiences from which people have recovered and told of their experiences which
substantiate these statements.

Thus we can understand that mankind has a beginning, and that our spirit will continue after
death of the body.  

My wife and I have four children.  In our case, through acts of love we produced four
physical babies.  Each of these, now adults, have totally independent living spirits given by
God in the womb of their mother, which is their life.  My wife and I did not create, nor
procreate an eternal living spirit, but through a process created by God we human beings
supply the physical elements and then, God inserts into that physical union a living spirit that
is eternal.  In this way we humans have a life / spirit, that at death returns to God who gave it.

This process needs to be fully thought through and understood in order to understand what
God did in placing His Own Spirit into the womb of Mary.  

First, the following method of explanation may seem to be distasteful, but we believe it is
needful.  Needful because many say, Mary, mother of God, others that Jesus was born a man
and became a God, therefore they too can become Gods as Jesus did.  Even non-Christian
religions believe that Jesus was born in an unnatural manner, but they have no reasonable

Therefore, it is greatly needed to explain in detail what the Bible speaks of in broad, but
definite terms.  The Bible states clearly that Jesus had no earthly father, that God was His
Father.  But, Mary had a baby.  

Physically speaking there are two possibilities:
First possibility---Mary, through the natural process of ovulation produced an egg, which
became half of physical Jesus.  
Then God, through His creative power produced the male half of physical Jesus.  This could
not have been a sexual union because God as Spirit is not sexual, neither male nor female.  
(reference, Galatians 3:28).
Nevertheless, God could have created the physical other half and inserted it, as well as
His Own Spirit, into the womb of Mary, resulting in the birth of Jesus Christ.  

Second possibility---Mary, while obedient to the will of God's plan for her life had no physical
input, nor part in the conception of Jesus, except to receive as a surrogate mother the embryo
of Jesus.  God through His creative power produced a physical embryo, placed His Own Spirit
in it, and placed that embryo into the womb of Mary.  

In modern medicine doctors can take an egg from a woman and a sperm from a man, unite
them in a dish and place them in a surrogate mother.  That woman can then give birth to a
baby for which she did not produce the egg, nor did she have any contact with the father, nor
did she receive any sperm, nor did she have any genetic input.  Considering that doctors can
successfully cause babies to be born in this manner, then most certainly, God the creator of all
living could have placed an embryo with His Own Spirit into a surrogate mother.
God, without doubt, could have used either of these possibilities to bring Jesus Christ into
this physical world, but I strongly believe (NO DOUBT) that the second of the two possibilities
is the one God chose.

This will further be seen in Hebrews Chapter 7 and context.  Here the Bible gives another
explanation to better detail " Who is Jesus Christ ".  Hebrews 7:3 speaks to the reason why it
is important that we discussed the above conception and birth of Jesus Christ.
Hebrews 7:3" without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of
days nor end of life, but made like the Son of God, remains a priest continually."
As we look at this verse and its context we want to ask as the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:34,"
who is the writer speaking of"?  

Is the writer, here in Hebrews 7 speaking about Melchizedek or Jesus Christ.
Hebrews 7:1, " For this Melchizedek, king of Salem, priest of most high God, who met
Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him ".
Most commentaries and interpreters conclude that the subject of the sentence is Melchizedek.

Thus the following descriptions in verses two and three would be about Melchizedek.  But
according to the sentence structure in English  (most English Bibles use the same words in
verse 1, "For this Melchizedek") "this" could be the noun and thus the subject of the sentence.
If "this" is the noun then the whole meaning of verse two and three is turned  to be in
reference to Jesus Christ.  
To consider if  " this " could be the noun, we have only to look at the previous sentence which
is Hebrews 6:19- 20.  In this sentence we find that the subject is " this hope" ( 6:9) that is
"even Jesus" having become a high priest forever   ( 6:20).  Indeed the subject from Chapter
one through Chapter 10 is Jesus Christ.  So we believe that the subject in Hebrews 7:1 is
"this" which is "this hope" in  6: 19.  "This hope" is "even Jesus" Christ.       ( verse 20).
Jesus being synonymous with" hope", as used here and 6:18 and 19 and 7:19 and in many
other New Testament verses, is significant.  Significant because "this hope" refers to the final
reality of God's plan through Jesus Christ.  "Hope" because as living physical human
beings we cannot see, touch, nor fully understand what God has prepared for His people.

I Corinthians 2:9, "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered in the heart of man the
things which God has prepared for those who love Him."

In a fuller sense that "hope" was a measure of the belief and faith of Melchizedek and

Whereas in the 21st century, we have the Old Testament, New Testament and many centuries
of written and testimonial evidences to physically base our "hope" in Jesus Christ. Melchizedek
and Abraham had nothing of these physical evidences which we deem so important.
Melchizedek, somehow, (for the Bible gives no explanation) believed in God and was set aside
by God to be a priest by which, in "this hope" as a servant of God, he blessed Abraham and
received the tithe given by Abraham.  (reference Hebrews 7:4).  

Abraham also believed and in that same "hope"  gave the tithes " to whom" (7:2)being "even
Jesus" Christ.  Thus both men, Melchizedek and Abraham, hundreds of years before the birth
of Jesus Christ, believed and acted in "this hope" "even Jesus".
How great was their hope, belief, faith, that a  Savior-Messiah would come, even far in the
future.  Yet their hope was secure and an anchor for their souls.  

Therefore the subject being "this" in verse one and "to whom" in verse two being in
reference to "this hope" in verse 19,which is "even Jesus" in verse 20, then verses two and
three or descriptions of Jesus.

** king of righteousness:---Isaiah 9:6,  Psalms 45: 6-7,  Psalms 102:25-27.
** king of peace:---Isaiah  9:6
** without father:---Isaiah 7:14,  Luke 1:26-27 & 30-31.
** without mother:---Matthew 12:46-50,  Hebrews 7:3
** without genealogy:---Isaiah 53:8.
** neither beginning of days nor end of life:---John 1:1,  Hebrews 7:16-21.
** made like the son of God:---
Jesus Christ was not a son of God as we know and bare children. But "like" the Son of God.  
Jesus had no father accept God, but was created by God with God's spirit as His Spirit and
life.  Thus Jesus was placed by God into the womb of Mary and entered into this physical

** priest continually:---Hebrews 7:17-21,  Psalms 110:4.
Having understood the above interpretation of Hebrews 6:19-7:3, there is only one who has
ever lived who could fulfill that description: Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. ( John 1:1-5).
Jesus Christ :------was not a man who became a God,---was not a prophet,---was not half
man half God, nor any combination thereof,--was not a man who became God after
baptism,--was not the son of Joseph and Mary, nor was Mary the mother of God.  

Jesus Christ:---- was God in a body of flesh,---was and is God,---was and is the one God and
one Spirit,---was revealed to us at His baptism through a visible evidence of the coming of the
Holy Spirit.   The evidence of the Holy Spirit at Jesus' baptism was not for Jesus to be filled or
to receive the Holy Spirit -- HE WAS ALREADY GOD IN THE FLESH.   

His baptism and the coming of the Holy Spirit  was to give evidence of how He would come
into the hearts of those who would be baptized -- ILLUSTRATION FOR MANKIND.   

In Acts 2:38, " Then Peter said to them, repent, and let everyone of you be baptized in the
name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."
The Holy Spirit was His life and Spirit, thus the Holy Spirit's coming at His baptism was for
the benefit of mankind not for Jesus Christ Himself.  

Also in First Corinthians 15:45-49, the Bible makes a statement about the First and Second
Adam, "And so it is written, the first man Adam became a living being.  The last Adam became
a life giving spirit.  However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the
spiritual.  The first man was of the earth, made of dust; the second Man is the Lord from
heaven.  As was the man of dust so also are those who are made of dust; and as is the
heavenly Man, so also are those who are heavenly.  And as we have borne the image of the
man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly Man."  

This scripture referring to the first and second Adam is speaking of the first living human
being as the first Adam and Jesus Christ as the last / second Adam.  As this comparison is
made, it is clear that the second Adam was created as was the first Adam, by God, without
father or mother or genealogy.  
Thus, Mary did not ovulate, but received the God created embryo as a surrogate mother and
Jesus Christ the Son of God was born into physical world.  

Please note:
Jesus Christ did not have His beginning in the womb of Mary.  Jesus Christ was already alive
before Mary.  Even in the beginning, at the time of creation, He was God's Spirit.  God placed
His Own Spirit that pre-existed before all creation into the wound of Mary.
Every human being, accept Jesus Christ, had a definite beginning.  God places a living
spirit into the union of a sperm, from man, and an egg, from a woman, and life begins.  There
are only two exceptions to this life giving process in all history: Adam, the first man and Eve,
the first woman.  

Genesis 2:7 States, " And the Lord formed  man of the dust of the ground and breathed
into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being ".  

Eve, the first woman was a little different.
Genesis 1:21-22 states, " And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept;
and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place.  Then the rib which the Lord
God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man ".  

These verses simply mean that Eve was an exact duplicate of Adam, illustrated by the stated
fact that she was made from his rib.  If she was an exact duplicate, then God also breathed
into her the breath of life and she became a living being as was Adam.
Everyone else who has ever lived received their life in the womb of their mother except Jesus

The graph below is to be read in columns downward.  It shows that Jesus Christ was first in
the spiritual realm, then entered the physical world, then returned to the spiritual realm.  

          Spiritual Realm;

GOD----God the Father----
Jesus Christ---
Holy Spirit-----
This is not three Gods!! But three ways God has and does relate to mankind.
God's  line between physical  & spiritual

Physical World;

Jesus Christ---  entered the physical world--lived and died--was resurrected from the dead
and returned to the spiritual realm.  
Holy Spirit--- enters physical world, but remains spiritual in every way.  

All Mankind--- born, with life beginning in the physical world, lives and dies, then spirit enters
spiritual world.         

Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, is the only being that was first in the spiritual
realm, then crossed over into the physical realm, lived and died, and then crossed again into
the spiritual realm.
There are also angels in the spiritual realm. They remain spiritual even though they are
sometimes revealed in human form.  

Second evidence--each individual;

The Bible is the Word of God.  If we follow that " Word ", that is its instructions, the Word of
God will point us to the living God.
To the person searching for God, the Word of God teaches these points:
*God is the creator and only God.
*Sin has separated mankind from God.
*All mankind are sinners.
*Jesus Christ came to earth and died to pay the penalty for sinners.
*All who believe and confess Jesus Christ as Lord will be saved from their sins.
*All who open their hearts to believe and receive Jesus Christ will become God's children and
receive eternal life with Him.  

To all who somewhat understand and follow these points of instruction, (somewhat, because
God looks at the intent of the heart and not the letter of the law), will receive the greatest and
most convincing evidence of  "Who is Jesus Christ".  

That greatest of evidences is the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, God Himself as He enters an
individual's heart!!
The evidence becomes totally clear when the Holy Spirit of God enters a person's heart--
spirit.  When a person experiences the life giving, peace giving, Spirit of God in their own
heart, all doubt disappears.  

A person may think, why did I not see this before? It is so simple and clear.  Yet this greatest
of evidences cannot be understood without the personal experience of an individual receiving
Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit coming into their heart-spirit.  

The evidence is available to all who would seek God.  If you reject God, He will remain a

Although God reveals Himself to all, He enters the heart and provides salvation only for those
who seek Him.  

The Bible gives the historical record and the words of instructions,  which are proof enough
for anyone who seeks God.  The Holy Spirit of God seals that proof beyond doubt as He enters
a person's heart--spirit.  

John 3:3 "---unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God"---and John 1:12
says, " But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God,
even to those who believed in His name ".  

" Who is Jesus Christ " is spoken--written about in numerous places in the Bible.  There are
two major, but not all inclusive, methods that God used to describe Jesus Christ in the Bible:
First---the use of analogies.  The use of analogies is necessary because it is the description of
spiritual things to physical mankind.  What you cannot see or touch must be explained by
what you can see and touch.  

Some of these analogies describing Jesus Christ are:
** Seed---Genesis 3:15,--Genesis 22:17-18,--Galatians 3: 16 & 19 & 29.
** Star and Scepter---Numbers 24:17,--Psalms 45: 6.
** Seed of Abraham---Galatians 3:16.
** Root and Offspring of David---Revelations 22:16.
** Son of God and---son of man---son of David--Matthew 1:1.  

Second---The use of words and phrases that describes characteristics, work, or attributes of
Jesus Christ.  Some of these are:---Your Throne,---Ruler,---Your Kingdom,---Prince of
Peace,---Emanuel,---Man of sorrows,---King,---etc.  

In this study, the purpose is to better determine " Who is Jesus Christ ".  We will look at those
terms and analogies that will best bring us to the conclusion of " Who is Jesus Christ ".  

The first analogy referring to Jesus Christ comes in Genesis 3:15.  This is not only at the
beginning of the Bible, but also at the very beginning of the history of mankind.  This analogy
compares the " seed " of  Eve, the mother of all living, Genesis 3:20, to the " One " " He " who
is Jesus Christ, Who would bruise the head of the serpent-- satan.
This needs to be seen and understood in the context of all of God's creation, of all God's time
and the entire Bible.  

The word, " Seed", being capitalized in the Bible gives the word the proper spiritual
connotation.  Combining the spiritual "Seed" with "He" gives us the correct prophetic
understanding that Jesus Christ will come and die for the sins of the whole of mankind, thus
defeating satan (serpent) and his seed (offspring).
The seed or offspring of satan/serpent is mankind who are influenced by satan or by their
own choice follow the rebellion of satan.  

The  N. K. J.  Bible interprets Genesis 3:15,---" And I will put enmiy between you and the
woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise
His heel.  

The N. I. V.  Bible interprets Genesis 3:15,---" And I will put enmity between you and the
woman, and between your offspring and hers; He will crush your head, and you will strike His
Here the N. I. V. uses the word " offspring " with a footnote reference of  "or seed."
In regard to Eve, the N. I. V.  says " hers " implying " offspring " with reference to " or
This is not a contradicting interpretation, but the use of  "offspring " broadens the
understanding.  The ultimate person of the implied  "Offspring---Seed" is Jesus Christ,
spiritual.  Jesus Christ   ( born of  woman),  Offspring--Seed of Eve, God in the flesh ( John
1:1) will crush the head of the serpant--satan.  The head of satan would be crushed through
the death and resurrection of Jesus which sealed the judgment to be carried out, casting
satan into the lake of fire.  

The offspring--seed of Eve  would be all living, but all living would be divided spiritually into
two groups.  One group , as did Eve, sinned, confessed and was--is restored to God as
The other group, as physical offspring of Eve, are those of mankind who are sprouted from or
fallen into the rebellion of the serpent--satan.  Throughout history there will be
offspring--seed of  Eve who will sprout from that same spiritual " Seed " who is "Christ", who
will be in conflict with the offspring of Eve, who are seed of the serpant--satan.
In the first generation of all  mankind God tells us that mankind will always be divided into
two groups that will fight against each other throughout history in the same manner as satan
will fight against God until the end that is determined for him.
Both the spiritual " Seed " (Jesus Christ) and the spiritual, " seed " (the serpent) will have
offspring that includes all mankind who are descendants of  Eve.  

Indeed that conflict came about very quickly in the lives of Eve's two sons as Cain killed his
brother Abel as a result of Cain's own sin.  (Genesis 4: 6-8).
Eve, although tempted and fallen, was of the spiritual " seed " and she would have
descendants who would sprout from that spiritual " Seed ", "Who is Christ".
The main point is that " her Seed " is not a seed which came from Eve, but the  "Seed ", Jesus
Christ, from which Eve sprouted spiritually and there would be offspring--seed of Eve who
will sprout from that same "Seed ".  Galatians 3:16, " and to your Seed, who is Christ."
Here is the direct statement Seed= Christ and that gives us the confidence to interpret the

Eve's offspring or seed is:
I. Offspring or Seed--spiritually--Jesus Christ.  
A. Seed--that Eve came from.
B. Seed--that Eve--like, spiritual Offspring will come from.  

II. Offspring or seed--physically--all living.
A. Spiritual family of God.
B. spiritual family of satan.  

In Genesis 22:17-18 there is a clear example of this explanation from the covenant God made
with Abraham.  Verse 17 refers to the physical descendants and verse 18 speaks of the
Spiritual Seed.
17) " blessing I will bless you and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of
the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore and your descendants shall possess the
gate of their enemies."
18) ", in your Seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed because you have obeyed my
voice.  "
Verse 17 refers to the physical offspring, verse 18 the Spiritual Seed.
This Seed in verse 18 is interpreted in Galatians 3:16 as, " Seed "= "Jesus Christ."  

That "Seed " is unique in all of creation.
** that Seed is God who came in the flesh, Jesus Christ.
** that Seed was before creation and will continue throughout eternity.
** that Seed is God's Seed sown in the hearts of all mankind.
** that Seed takes root and bears fruit in all who receive Him.  

There is another analogy that is used in the very same way.  This one is best exemplified in
Revelations 22: 16, "I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the
churches.  I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star."  

The word " Root " is used and interpreted in regard to David the same as " Seed " was in
regard to Eve and Abraham.  David, was not the " Root ".  Jesus Christ was the " Root " from
which David grew and received his sustenance.  

In Revelations 22:16 " Offspring " is with a capital letter giving us again a more complete
understanding of the scripture.  Jesus Christ, both the "Root and Offspring " of David.
David sprouted from the " Root " and grew from the " Root ".  As David grew from the
"Root", he wrote psalms and writings that taught what he had learned from the " Root ".  
These psalms in turn have taught others about their " Root " from the time of David until the
present, bearing much fruit, which is the offspring of David.  But the " Offspring " is not
David's offspring, because David did not die on the cross for the sins of all mankind.  

Thus, all who would believe, confess their sins and be saved must go directly to the " Root
and Offspring " of David, WHO IS JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I Peter 1:23, "having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the
Word of God which lives and abides forever. "  

That  "Seed " of  Eve, that "Seed " of Abraham, that " Root " and " Offspring " of David are all
three, Jesus Christ.  The "Word", in the beginning, in the flesh, in the end, Jesus Christ from
Genesis 1-- Revelations 22.  

Jesus Christ is (the portion of, or part of) the spirit of God, who has related to mankind
throughout history.  
Jesus Christ is the portion of, or part of God, because, as Jesus Christ was relating to mankind
" in the flesh " on earth, the Father God was still Almighty God in heaven.  Only God as Spirit
can at the same time be God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  This is not
three God's or even three entities, but one God as He relates to His creation in three ways.
Who is Jesus Christ  ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

The Creator---The Word---God in the flesh.
The Redeemer               The Savior.

The " hope of eternal life " is the greatest possession a human being can possess!!!
This "hope of eternal life" in Titus 1:2  is conditioned upon Titus  1: 1.  " According to the
faith of God's elect and the acknowledgement of the truth which is according to godliness, in
hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised before time began."  

The family of God through faith comes to the truth, are conformed to godliness and have
"hope of eternal life."  

Also in Hebrews 6: 18-20 this "hope" is personalized as Jesus Christ.
We cannot see Him, but we know Him and have hope.
We cannot touch Him, but we feel Him and have hope.
Thus, what we cannot see or touch  is the hope we have "as an anchor of the soul both, sure
and   steadfast".  The family of God stand solid " in the hope of eternal life " awaiting the final
result which God has promised.  

If you would like to become a part of the Family of God, please read the following explanation
by Jesus Christ teaching in John 3.  Please refer to John 3: 1-21 as you read:
In John Chapter 3, Nicodemus, a Pharisee and ruler came seeking Jesus' council.  He
recognized Jesus as a " teacher come from God; for no one could do these signs (miracles)
that Jesus did unless God is with him." (John 3:2 ).  

Jesus answered Nicodemus' question even before it was asked.  In John 2:25, it states that
Jesus " knew what was in man ".  Thus Jesus being the Son of God, knowing all, knew the
question in Nicodemus' mind and began immediately to answer.  

Indeed the answer is universal and councils everyone in how to find peace with God.  Jesus
gives the answer through the course of their conversation.  Jesus says, " unless one is born
again, he cannot see the kingdom of God ".  (John 3:3).  Also John 3: 6 says, " That which is
born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."  

You must be born again, spiritually, in order to enter the Kingdom of God.  In order to be
born spiritually, you must have some understanding.  Nicodemus was reprimanded by Jesus
because he was a " teacher of Israel and do not know these things? " (John 3:10).  

As Jesus explained, we must understand that Jesus is the only One "Who came down from
heaven." He was, at the same time,  on earth in a body of flesh and also"the Son of Man who
is in heaven." (John 3:13) (Son of man= Spirit of God in the body of a man ).
Please note that here in John 3:13 Jesus Christ is on earth. He is speaking in the flesh and  
says," the Son of Man who is in heaven ".  This statement is in present tense.  Jesus Christ is
on earth in the flesh and at the same time in heaven.  

So first, understand that Jesus Christ, as Son of God, was God in the flesh.  

Second, understand that God's plan for mankind's salvation is through the death of His Son.  
That death on the cross was payment for the sins of all mankind.  Jesus Christ "must--be
lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life." (John

Third, understand that God loves all mankind--you-- and desires that all be saved.  "God sent
His Son that the world through Him might be saved ".  (John 3:17).  

Fourth, understand that each person is responsible for his own choice to believe or not
believe.  " He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is
condemned already---" (John 3:18).  

Fifth, understand that mankind is, each one, condemned by their own personal sin.  In John
3:19-21, Jesus refers to himself as the light which exposes evil--sin.  " And this is the
condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than
light, because their deeds were evil ".  (John 3:19).  " But he who does the truth comes to the
light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God. " (John 3:21).
The person who does not accept the fact of his own sin denies the truth.  He is a liar.  He
cannot come to Jesus, for Jesus knows every sin of every person.  Thus, by refusing to come
to the light of truth in Jesus Christ, a person condemns himself.  Condemned by his own
sins--separated from God.  

Thus, by believing in the Son and coming to the light, Jesus Christ, exposing our sins
(confessing our sins), a person is born again, spiritually, into the Kingdom of God.  It is "done
in God, " for we believe in Him, bring our sins to Him and He gives us everlasting life with Him.
In John 17:21 Jesus prays, " That they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in
You; that they also be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me."  

Thus, Jesus Christ, is the " Mighty God ", the " Everlasting Father " and has given us "
wonderful counsel "that brings us peace with Him.  

Yes, God the Father through Jesus Christ will come into the heart of a human being and live
with him.  The Spirit of God uniting with the spirit of mankind, which is the greatest
experienced a human being can have.

If you have not been born again spiritually, but desire to be, you may pray to Jesus Christ and
become His child.  

Do you believe:
That God our Creator is GOD??  Yes________     NO___________
that Jesus is the Son of God??   Yes________      No___________
that Jesus died for your sins??  Yes________      No__________
that you are a sinner??                Yes________     No__________
that you need to be born again?? Yes_______    No___________  

If you answered yes to all these questions and sincerely desire to be born again, please pray
the following prayer.  Please understand, this must be your prayer to our heavenly Father
through Jesus Christ.  

Dear Heavenly Father, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died upon the cross to
pay the penalty for my sins.  
Dear Lord Jesus, I am a sinner.   I am lost without You.  Please, Lord, forgive my sins and
save me.  I open my heart and life to You.  Please come into my heart and teach me through
Your Holy Spirit.  Thank You for hearing my prayer and for Your promise of eternal life.  I ask
You, Lord Jesus, to be Lord of my life.  I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.    Amen.  

Any person who sincerely believes in God our Creator / Jesus Christ - the Son of God and
truly prayed a prayer similar to the one above can be assured that Jesus Christ heard your
prayer and has written your name in the 'Lamb's Book of Life'.

Jesus Christ----- the most controversial of names.
The name most greatly desired to understand. ---- the name most misunderstood.
Why is there so much dispute and controversy???
Why are there such varying opinions??