Over the past 70 years, through the influence of prominent writers, the study and
interpretation of Revelation has drawn much attention.  This is as it should be for we
seem to be living in the end times.   Much of the interpretation from this era is built
around the 20th-century current events.   The establishment of the nation of Israel in
1948, the atheistic Soviet Union being seen as the armies of the north coming against
Israel, the 200 million Chinese army crossing the Euphrates River for the battle of
Armageddon, the Middle East oil crisis, plus the 10 nation European Common Market,
plus the 4 blood moons of 2016 have enhanced interest in the interpretation of
Revelation.  These 20th-century circumstances seem to fit well into the accepted
interpretation of the seven seals.  Usually the seals have been interpreted somewhat as
The conqueror embarks on a conquest, (seal #1), with a great sword, (seal # 2), which
brings famine, (seal # 3), which results in death, (seal #4).   But can there be another
interpretation of the     seals?
The “seals” ----
“And I saw in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne a scroll written inside and on
the back, sealed with seven seals. Then I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud
voice, “Who is worthy to open the scroll and to loose its seals”? Revelation 5:1-2.
The seven seals, seal the scroll message in the hand of God.   The scroll and the seals
are very prominent in the vision of Chapter 5.   The seven seals, must be opened for the
message from God to be read.   The message is for all mankind.   The seals can only be
opened by the resurrected Jesus Christ as explained in verses 5-14. 

The fact that the seals can be opened only by Jesus Christ makes the seals messages
different as compared to Old Testament prophesies.  Only Jesus Christ, the Lamb that
was slain, “was able to open”, or “to look upon” or “read” the seven sealed scroll
message from the hand of God, which is extremely important as the seven sealed scroll
contains the complete message (or completed message) of Revelation from God to
Please note:  The above paragraph is important because often times teachers begin
with the Old Testament prophesies and then attempt to fit or mold the Revelation
prophesies into the predetermined OT interpretation.  BUT --- the Revelation prophecy
is written by God (written on a scroll in God’s hand) sealed with 7 seals (#7 = complete)
and only Jesus Christ ‘the Lamb that was slain’ can ‘open’ and ‘look upon’ it.  These
facts do not take away from the truth of OT prophesies, but they demand that Revelation
is preeminent.  When a person correctly understands Revelation, then the OT
prophesies fit as a hand in a glove and the whole of prophetic visions become visible.  
Please consider the following:
In the Book of Revelation there are five sets of “sevens”.   Three of the “sevens”,
(seals, trumpets, bowls), are interpreted to be tribulation.  All writers, as far as I have
read, interpret the seals to be tribulation.
Everyone agrees that tribulation is seven years divided into two parts of three and a
half years each.   Most everyone tries to interpret these three sets of “sevens” into two
time periods.   But, three does not divide into two.

Soo --- is there another way to interpret this??? Yes!!!
The trumpets are tribulation, because, the result destroyers one-third of nature and one-
third of mankind. Revelations 8-14.  The 2 witnesses witness for 1260 days, then are
killed (Rev. 11: 7) and immediately the 7th trumpet is sounded in Rev. 11: 14 – 15.  Thus 3
½ years is marked at the end of the trumpets.
The bowls are tribulation, because, as result, all is destroyed.  In Revelation 16 the
battle of Armageddon is set / ready, but not carried out until Rev. 19 – concluding in
verse 21, as ‘all the rest are killed’.  Certainly – ‘trumpets’ and ‘bowels’ are tribulation.   
But the “seals” are different.   The fourth seal with the pale horse and rider named
death is the easiest to understand.   Death was part of the judgment declared by God to
Adam and Eve upon ALL mankind.   All mankind is physical and have died, or will die, or
will be translated in the twinkling of an eye at the rapture.   The Bible states that flesh
and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.   Therefore, death is not unique to the
great tribulation era, but is common to all physical mankind.
With this easy to understand explanation we believe and interpret that the seals are not
tribulation, but prophecy.  Prophecy which God our Creator gives to His creation as
guidelines for mankind.   Seals 1-5, are guidelines, or parameters, under which we live
and by which mankind will be judged.   
The messages of the sixth and seventh seals are different.  They were from the
beginning of creation, in the foreknowledge of God, God's conclusion to His creation.   
Thus, the 7 seals are that which was God's plan for His creation.  
The message of seals 1 - 5 was experienced in the life and family of Adam and Eve and
they are also the judgments prophesied against the woman on the Scarlet beast in
Revelations 17 and 18.   Thus the seven sealed messages opened in Revelation are
God's universal and eternal message to His creation.  

Seal #1 ----:

**The rider ‘had a bow’ – this demonstrates that mankind is given from God the ability to
make tools from God's creation and thus use the natural things of creation to enhance
their life.  It is obvious that a bow can be used for either good or bad -- good to help
provide food and bad to kill one's neighbor.  The 'bow' is important because as we live
and observe life we see some persons with natural abilities make / invent things and we
see times when God intervenes to give unusual understanding / knowledge.  

Example – God created corn – people have learned and can choose to make from corn –
corn bread or whiskey.  This is simply mankind's natural ability to make things from
creation.  We will be held accountable for what we make the how we use it.  

The Bible has numerous stories / testimonies of God's intervention to save His people
from the onslaught of physical / and spiritual destruction from neighboring peoples.  
God also at times strengthened other nations so as they would be a rod of discipline
upon the rebellious of God's chosen people.  The point is that God has throughout
history given strength / knowledge to some, while at the same time made others
vulnerable so as to further or maintain God's plan for his creation.  

Example -- Beginning in the final decade of the 1800's there were certain scientist who
learned -- developed theories that they could separate out of certain soils a material
that they named uranium.  Then uranium could through numerous and complicated
processes produce an explosive device that would have far greater power than any
previous weapon of war.  England, the USA, France, the Soviet Union and Japan were all
aware of uranium, but Germany was more advanced in the development of an atomic  
weapon.  By 1944 -1945 through many events -- peculiar events as some of the top
German scientist, escaped troubled Germany and with English and USA scientist as well
as top scientist from other nationalities were organized in the USA into the Manhattan
project.  They were successful in making the first atomic bombs that were instrumental
in ending World War ll.  

Imagine our world if Germany under the rule of Hitler had been able to make the bomb
before they were crushed by the allied armies.  Imagine -- if the USSR had been
successful in making the first atom bomb -- or Japan -- or in todays world, imagine if a
Moslem nation had first acquired an atom bomb.  

We believe that God's plan visualized by a simple 'bow' in the hand of the rider on the
white horse had great significance in the history of mankind.  We believe that our
Creator is telling us that at times He will give knowledge -- thus advantage to certain
persons in order that His plan for His creation will be preserved.  This should give great
confidence to the family of God, knowing that He is in control of creation and the end
will be as He determined and prophesied to us.

As mankind has developed in society and technology, God has sometimes intervened /
enhanced understanding in order to bring about His will / purpose or to prevent that
which is not or is outside His will.  God's will / plan for His creation will be carried out
and the enemies / rebellious neither spiritual nor physical will prevent God's plan being

Throughout history there have been great leaders / nations that desired and attempted
to conquer and rule the world.  Before the time of Christ the Greeks conquered the
known world and forced Greek language and culture upon all peoples.  Then came the
Romans who conquered, molded nations into one, built roads and means of
communication throughout the organized world.  These events were either within God's
will or else God took advantage of these circumstances to enhance / circumvent the
spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all peoples.  


In Daniel 3 & 4 is an extensive explanation of the events in King Nebuchadnezzar's life
that assures all mankind that God rules in the affairs of men.  Daniel 4: 17, 
'In order that
the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men.  Gives it to
whomever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men.  

In Revelation 18: 24 it says that the woman riding the beast is guilty of the killing /
murder of all who were killed on earth.  Mankind whom the woman represents is guilty
of using weapons of aggression and war and thus killing all who were murdered on



**The rider was ‘given a crown’ --- Mankind was created with freedom of choice, as a
king.  Mankind’s ‘crown’ gives freedom both spiritually and physically.  
Spiritual freedom is of great importance.  We as human beings have the right –
guaranteed by God – to believe that God who created us does not exist.  That fact
demands that we must choose and the choice we make determines our obedience or
disobedience to our Creator.  Through belief and obedience, we become born again and
part of the family of God with a prepared eternal home in heaven.  No human,
government, army or ideology can prevent any person from believing and calling upon
the name of our Lord Jesus Christ – and thus be saved.  
In Genesis 3: 6 - Eve exercising her freedom chose to eat of the forbidden tree ---
resulting in judgment.  As God planted a forbidden tree in the ‘midst of the garden’, He
demanded of mankind – responsibility of choice – to obey or to disobey.  The result of
disobedience is judgement.  
In Revelation 17-1, and 18-7, -- The woman (a visionary picture) represents those of
mankind who through their freedom -- chose to reject their Creator, as God --- Resulting
in judgment.  
**The rider ‘went out conquering and to conquer’ --- to mankind is given a spirit of
Conquest is a good gift from our Creator.  A baby’s first conquest is its mother – from
there we move on to the school yard, games & sports, the job, the highest mountain, the
moon and beyond.  With a spirit of conquest mankind has developed and destroyed
throughout history.  Mankind will be judged by what – who and how they conquer.  

Seal # 2 ---

**The rider was granted to ‘take peace from the earth, ‘kill’ each other and ‘given a great
sword’.  Indeed the wars of history proves - mankind has a great sword.
The root cause that takes ‘peace’ from an individual / and or the earth is a result of – SIN.
‘For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God’.  
Mankind was created with the possibility to sin and the reality of being a sinner.   The
ultimate sin is to kill -- and ‘to kill’ is used to illustrate the reality of sin – and seal #2 is
given to tell mankind –there will be judgment for sin.  Sins -- big and small equal the
breaking of God's law.  As a child says 'no' to its mother they have broken God's law that
instructs us to obey our parents.  Thus, the necessity for all to repent upon the
knowledge of personal sin.  
In Genesis 4 --- Cain slew Abel --- resulting in judgment for sin.
Revelations 17:6 & 18:24-- The woman killed the Saints and all who were slain on the
earth -- resulting in judgment.

Seal # 3 ---

The rider had a ‘pair of scales’ with the stated price of grain/ food.
God created a system through which mankind does business / work to provide daily
food.   A person must work for a living.  The message also says to 'do not harm the oil
and the wine.'   Grain for bread is necessity for life -- then oil and wine can be
considered luxuries.  As the message says do not harm the oil and wine then mankind
would not be judged guilty for hard work and thus providing a better living standard for
their family.  Jesus gave us parables explaining – rewards for the faithful servant and
punishment for the unfaithful servant.  
In Genesis 3: 17 - 18 -- Adam's sin of disobedience --- resulted in judgment from God
that, “by the sweat of your brow you shall eat your bread.”
The woman's corrupt business --- resulted in judgment.  “God has remembered her
iniquities” --- In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously ----- give her
torment and sorrows’.  Rev. 18: 5 - 7.

Seal # 4 ---

The rider was “named Death” – with hades following -- and power to kill ¼ of the earth.
Mankind was created physical and will die.  
When the final tally of mankind is complete ¼
of mankind will have died a premature / early death as the result of – ‘sword’ (war -
murder), hunger (famine) death (all diseases), beasts (animals).

‘It was appointed unto man, once to die and then the judgment’.
Genesis 3: 17 – 19 -- Adam's disobedience resulted in judgment--” to the dust you will
Revelations 18: 7 - 8, --- The woman's disobedience results in judgment --- death “---
utterly burned with fire”.  
When the final tally of mankind is complete ¼ of mankind will have died a premature /
early death as the result – ‘sword’ (war -murder), hunger (famine) death (all diseases),
beasts (animals).

  “Seal # 5 ---  

The message says they were “slain for the Word of God’.
Mankind was created within a spiritual conflict.  Throughout history those of mankind
who stand for the true belief and obedience to their Creator have been persecuted,
oppressed and sometimes killed simply because of their faith in God.

The ‘serpent’ engaged Adam & Eve in a spiritual battle that they were ill prepared to
fight – but they were confronted with the necessary decision of obedience or
disobedience to their Creator.  
God has created all mankind (those of a sound mind) within the circumstances that each
person must choose to obey or to disobey their Creator.  
In Gen. 4: 8 - 13 --- Cain slew Abel, because Abel's sacrifice was accepted by God ---
resulted in judgment of the murderer.
Revelations 18: 24 --- “In her was the blood of the prophets and Saints“--- resulted in
judgment of the murderers.

Seal # 6 ---

Is -- a visionary picture of the division between the family of God and mankind who
rejected God, -- at the time of the end.  
The vision of seal #6 is prophecy of the conclusion of coming events that are described
in the explanations of the trumpets and bowels -- a vision of the last day of physical
Revelations 6: 12 - 17, -- is a vision of the last generation of rebellious mankind at the
end of time that is described in Revelation 16 & 19: 11 – 21.  (Armageddon)
Then in Revelation 7:1-10 --- The complete Family of God at the time of the end.  
At the same time that the rebellious against their Creator are being physically destroyed
on earth --- those who are sealed (7: 3), born again, whose names are written in the
Book of Life, are ‘standing before the throne and before the Lamb’.  (Rev. 7: 9 – 10).  
Mankind – from the first to the last -- at the end are divided into only two groups.  All the
nations listed in the OT are gathered either in the family of God or outside the family of
God.  There is a God drawn division between the two groups.
Genesis 3:15 - “Enmity between the REBELLIOUS – like satan and the spiritual seed of
Revelation 18:4, --- “Come out of her my people”.

Seal # 7 ---

Is judgments and explanations of tribulation carried out in Revelation Chapters 8 - 22.  
Please note;  The message, of each of seals 1 – 6, is clearly defined as the message
begins and then closes with the opening of the next seal.  But seal # 7 opens with
‘silence in heaven for about half an hour’ --- then immediately John sees ‘seven angels’
and to ‘them were given seven trumpets’.  The message continues as the ‘prayers of all
the saints ascends before God’.  (The scripture says that the angels sing in heaven
when one sinner repents.  Silence in heaven means that no one has been saved for a
half hour – thus God acknowledges that all who are going to be saved have been
saved.)  Then the angels begin to blow the trumpets and tribulation has begun.  Thus –
the message of seal #7 is the explanation / description of the 7 year tribulation.  

Do not suppose that the 7th seal will not be opened until the time for tribulation to
begin.  The 7th seal has been opened --- It is prophesy --it says that tribulation will not
begin until the family of God is complete (all have been saved who are going to be
saved.)   This has already been stated in Revelation 7: 1 – 3 -- 'Do not harm the earth, the
sea, or any trees until we have sealed the servants of our God ----.'  

Three statements in the 2 paragraphs above are very important to mankind;

 First -- No harm to earth,sea or trees until the servants of God are sealed.  
Second --  'silence in heaven for a half hour', thus no one is being saved.  
Third -- 'Prayers of all the saints' have gone up before the throne of God.

This gives great confidence and assurance to mankind that the earth will continue as
long as there are people being saved / repenting of their sins and calling upon the
name of the Lord.  But when the time comes that for 1/2 hour no one has called upon the
Lord for salvation --- the doors of heaven will be closed as Jesus illustrated in the
parable of the 10 virgins.  Matt. 25: 1- 13.  

Please note ;  

At an unknown time (Known only to God as the prayers before the throne stop) to
mankind the doors of heaven will close.  Then at 1260 days the 2 witnesses will be killed
(Rev. 11: 7) -- then at 1263 & 1/2 days the 2 witnesses will be resurrected leaving behind
the last generation of the sealed, who will be protected by God -- then at 1290 days the
image will be set up (Rev 13: 14 - 18) -- then the last generation of the family of God must

go into hiding until the rapture at 1335 days.   (Daniel 12: 11). ( Matthew 24: 15 - 21).
After that at 2300 days after the doors of heaven are closed,  Jesus Christ with the 

armies of heaven will destroy the last of physical mankind at the battle of Armageddon. 

(Revelation 19: 20 -21.) (Daniel 8: 13 - 14 & 26). Then for seven months the earth will be

cleansed as is explained in Ezekiel 39.

The explanations of seal # 7 also describes the final destruction of God's creation as
had been planned by God from the beginning.  In the beginning God knew there would
be an end.   Through the seventh seal He tells us / prophesies of that final destruction.   
The seven sealed message is given from the hand of God to Jesus Christ, to the angel,
to John, to the seven churches, to all mankind.
With the above skeletal descriptive interpretation of the “seals” we see the final
message from God tying together the history of mankind from Genesis through
Revelations.   Adam and Eve were created under the guidelines set forth by the sealed
messages. They lived by those guidelines in either obedience or disobedience and
were judged accordingly.  God certainly knew the consequences of planting the 'tree of
the knowledge of good and evil' in the middle of the Garden of Eden.  In planting that
tree God demanded that mankind 
chose to obey or disobey.  Thus -- by mankind's own
choice their eternal destiny is determined through repentance or refusal to repent.
Every human being since Adam and Eve have been born and lived under those same

The seals 1 - 5 address or speak to those things / guidelines / rules under which we are
born.   They are natural to us.   They are understood through the living of life.
For example:
Through the seals, mankind is given “freedom of choice“ – we may believe in God or not
-- (seal #1), with the ability to kill – to sin -- (seal #2).   Mankind knows from what is
created in us that it is wrong to kill.   Yet, throughout history mankind has killed each
other.  To kill == to sin – Mathew 5: 21 – 22 & Romans 3: 23.
God told mankind in his 10 Commandments, (Exodus 20:13), “you shall not murder. “
So --- God created into us certain guidelines through which we know right from wrong
and then reinforced them through the 10 Commandments and the prophesies of
Revelation and they will be the basis of judgment at ‘THE GREAT WHITE THRONE
Those same “seal” judgments began in the lives of Adam and Eve and their sons and
will be the guidelines for judgments against all mankind who reject God's plan for
salvation through Jesus Christ as seen in Revelations chapters 17 and 18.  These two
chapters describe 5 judgments against the visionary woman that correspond with seals
1 – 5.  
“Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me
saying to me, come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many
waters.”  Revelations 17:1.  
The seven-sealed message from the right hand of God sets mankind's perimeters /
defines sin and will be the basis of God's final judgment at THE GREAT WHITE THRONE.
With Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, sins are forgiven.
Without Jesus Christ there will be judgment according to the guidelines set forth by the
seven seals.  



Seals 1 - 5 prophesy the coming Great White throne Judgment ---- 

*** Seal # 1 gives to mankind tools to work with -- a crown of freedom to choose -- and an inner-spirit to achieve.

The 'crown' of freedom of choice (mankind made in the image of God) gives mankind the right to chose their 'God'.

In the first 5 of the 10 commandments mankind is commanded to believe and obey, ONLY, their Creator God. 

Soo --- seal #1 says that mankind will be judged according to their belief and obedience to their Creator God.  

Also the visionary woman of Revelation 17 is declared guilty of spiritual adultery -- unfaithful to her Creator.  


In seal #2 the great sword represents physical sin in individual mankind's relationships. 

In the 10 commandments # 6 -- #10 are laws pertaining to person to person sins. 

Also the woman's sins in Revelation 17 have reached up to heaven. 

Thus -- mankind will be judged for personal sins at the Great White Throne Judgment.   


Seal #3 speaks of judgment of mankind's work / business to provide necessary provisions. 

In Genesis 3:19 Adam is sentenced to work for their food as a result of disobedience.  

 Thus --  establishing judgment in regard to / as part of ones work / profession.  Jesus taught parables (about the Talents etc) that says there will be reward for accomplishment and penalty for no accomplishment in the life our Creator gave to mankind.  

In Revelation 17  the woman was judged guilty because she gained great physical wealth to the exclusion of God her Creator.  

Therefore, mankind will be judged by the 'fruit' of their life and how they accomplished it. (Honesty / integrity, etc)


In seal #4 the rider is named 'death'.  

In Genesis 3: 19 physical 'Death' was a part of the judgment declared upon mankind for disobedience. 

In Revelation 18: 8 spiritual 'death' is the result the woman's sins and disregard / rejection of the reality of physical death. 

Thus the 4th seal combines the reality of physical death -- then the judgment of spiritual death for the disobedient.  

Please note -- Spiritual death is separation of ones spirit from God and heaven's provisions (in hell) -- forever.  


In seal #5 it speaks of mankind's souls who had been killed for the Word of God and their testimony.

They are given a special place of protection and nearness to God -- under the alter.  

The judgment is not for those killed -- but declared against those who persecuted them. 


Seal #6 , Revelation 6: 12 - chapter 7 is a vision of the last day of physical mankind on planet earth.  

Chapter 6 verses 12 - 17 is a prophetic vision of the last generation of mankind who rejected God their Creator. 

Chapter 7 is a prophetic vision of the whole Family of God standing before the throne Of God.  

A vision of two groups -- while the last of rebellious mankind are being destroyed on earth (Armageddon) -- the believing / obedient from all peoples are safe with resurrected bodies, in heaven, praising God before His throne.   


Seal #7  is the last seal and is the final message / or the completed message from God's right hand.  

The first part - Revelation 8: 1- 5 describes the circumstances when the doors of heaven will be closed and the seven year tribulation begins.  

Then the message of seal #7 continues through the 7 year tribulation describing the trumpets, bowls of God's wrath with explanations between -- then the millennial, the final battle, the Great White Throne Judgment, the description of heaven and the last chapter.