Revelation  By  Common  Sense !!  

Through the Bible, God our creator instructs mankind in the best way possible to
explain to physical people spiritual things.   Jesus said -- John 3: 12, 'If I have told you
earthly things and you did not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things'.
Certainly we need help in interpretation.  Our Lord has given us His Holy Spirit to teach /
to guide us / to confirm and prove our understanding.

The Word of God is always correct (when correctly interpreted) and according to ‘common
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple enough for a child and yet too profound for the greatest
mind to grasp by its own intellectual abilities.

This also is true of Revelation prophesy as related to the Bible as a whole – it is sensible and

One point of ‘common sense’;

Revelation, as the final book of the Bible, can stand on its own.  It is complete -- (7 sealed
message).  It is from the right hand of God as He sits upon His throne and only Jesus Christ can
open the messages.   God is the author.  John wrote only what he saw and heard.  Yet it does
not contradict nor minimize prophesies of the Old Testament.  There can be NO GREATER
credentials for a message than being in the right hand of God and given to only JESUS CHRIST
to open.

The Author of Revelation - chapters 1 -- 5:

The first and most important thing to understand is that God is The author.  In Revelation 1,
verse one it explains that it is 'The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him'.   This
statement is seen in visionary form in Revelation Chapters 4 and 5.  Chapter 4 is a vision of
God, sitting on His throne with a seven sealed scroll in His right hand.  Chapter 5 is a vision
which explains that Jesus Christ is The only one in all of creation who can open The seven
sealed scroll.  John is The man who wrote The message that he saw and heard, but it is
uniquely and absolutely authored by God The Creator of the heavens and the earth and who
placed a created spirit into each of mankind.  God your creator has given to you a
message while seated upon His throne -- it is of utmost importance to every human being.

The Message to The Church:

Before Jesus opens The seven seals in chapter 6 He, in chapters 2 and 3, addresses the  
seven churches.  
The number seven in biblical prophecy means complete or all, thus as Jesus Christ
addresses seven churches He is sending a message to all / or, the complete church of all
history.  The messages to The seven churches address sins that are unique to The members of
each church.  The fact that each message is unique to each church gives each church an
understanding of who has sent them a message.  Jesus Christ is The only one who could
have known the circumstances in each church.  Thus when the individuals are confronted
with their own personal sins,  they realize that John could not have known -- only The Lord
could know their faults and He is correcting them in their sinful conditions.  Jesus Christ, to the
first century church, points out their sins, instructs them to repent, commends them for their
good points, and instructs the church to listen with a spiritual ear, what The Spirit says to The
churches.   THUS -- to every church of The family of God  -- there are sins and sinners in The
church.  They must repent.  There are also good things in The church.  
We must apply spiritual understanding in all matters of The church to discern and to deal with
the ever present human sins.  If you are a born again / true member of the true Church,  God
has sent to you a personal message instructing you to check your spiritual heart and giving to
you a prophetic message for all mankind.  This message tells every human being that they will
die, or be 'raptured' at the appointed time, that the end of creation will come and then all will be
judged for the life they lived.    


John physically wrote the message as was given.  He continually wrote, 'And I saw' -- 'And I
heard' -- 'And I looked', throughout Revelation making sure that the readers knew that God was
the author with John physically writing the message from the hand of God.  

A misunderstood ‘common sense’ point;  

The 7 Seals although commonly taught as tribulation -- they are not tribulation.  7 Seals -- seal   
the complete message from God’s right hand – prophesy -- not tribulation.  God's 7 sealed
message says do not add too nor take from !!!! This is a very great / severe warning from God in
Rev. 22: 17 - 18.   
There are 3 sets of sevens -- 7 'seals', 7 'Trumpets and 7 'Bowels / Veils, but only 2 time periods
of three and a half years each.  The 7th trumpet is sounded in Rev. 11: 15 -- that is immediately
after the numbered 1260 days as stated in 11: 3 plus 3 1/2 days in verse 11.  Thus the trumpets
mark the mid point of tribulation with the 7 bowels remaining for the second 3 1/2 years.  So --
the seals are different.  They are not a description of tribulation, but that which opens the
prophetic message from the hand of God.   

Seals 1 – 5 are the life conditions that all mankind have lived and the law by which all mankind
will be judged in the end.  This statement is verified by the judgments declared against the
woman on the scarlet beast in Rev. 17 and 18.  There are five judgments against the woman
that correspond with seals 1 - 5.  Thus the conditions under which all mankind has lived will be
the points, or law that will be the 'Great White Throne judgment'.  
Below is a short explanation of each of the seals.  

IN SEAL #1 ;
**The rider ‘had a bow’ – this demonstrates that mankind is given the ability to make tools to
enhance his life.
Example – God created corn – we can choose to make from corn bread or whiskey.  Mankind
can develop nuclear power -- which God created -- to generate electricity or make atom
bombs.  We will be held accountable for the choices we make.   
**The rider was ‘given a crown’ --- Mankind was created with freedom of choice, as a king.  
Mankind’s ‘crown’ gives freedom both spiritually and physically.  
Spiritual freedom is of great importance.  We as human beings have the right – guaranteed by
God – to believe that God who created us does not exist.  That fact demands that we must
choose and the choice we make determines our obedience or disobedience to our Creator.  
Through belief and obedience, we become born again and part of the family of God with a
prepared eternal home in heaven.  No human, government, army or ideology can prevent any
person from believing and calling upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (within their own
mind) – and thus be saved.  
In Genesis 3: 6 - Eve exercising her freedom, chose to eat of the forbidden tree --- resulting in
judgment.  As God planted a forbidden tree in the ‘midst of the garden’, He demanded of
mankind – responsibility of choice – to obey or to disobey.  The result of disobedience is
In Revelation 17-1, and 18-7, -- The woman (a visionary picture) represents those of mankind
who through their freedom -- chose to reject their Creator, as God --- Resulting in judgment.  

**The rider ‘went out conquering and to conquer’ --- to mankind is given a spirit of conquest.  
Conquest is a good gift from our Creator.  A baby’s first conquest is its mother – from there we
move on to the school yard, games & sports, the job, the highest mountain, the moon and
beyond.  With a spirit of conquest mankind has developed and destroyed throughout history.  
Mankind will be judged by what – who and how they conquer.  

IN SEAL # 2 :
**The rider was granted to ‘take peace from the earth, ‘kill’ each other and was ‘given a great
The root cause that takes ‘peace’ from an individual / and or the earth is the result of – SIN.
‘For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God’.  
Mankind was created with the possibility to sin and the reality of being a sinner.   The ultimate
sin is to kill -- and ‘to kill’ is used to illustrate the reality of sin.  A little white lie is sin -- if
unconfessed / unrepentant that little sin can progress even to murder.  One unrepentant sin
makes it easier for another.  Seal # 2 is given to tell mankind –there will be judgment for sin.  

In Genesis 4 --- Cain slew Abel --- resulting in judgment for sin.
Revelations 17:6 & 18:24-- The woman killed the Saints and all who were slain on the earth --
resulting in judgment.  

IN SEAL # 3 :  
The rider had a ‘pair of scales’ with the stated price of grain / food -- a days ration for a days
God created a system through which mankind does business / work to provide daily food.   A
person must work for a living.  Jesus gave us parables explaining – rewards for the faithful
work of a servant and punishment for the unfaithful servant -- dependent upon the increase
produced.  (Parable of the talents).  
It also says 'Do not harm the oil and the wine'.  Grain for bread is bare necessities for life.  'Oil
and wine are not necessities, but good and desirable.  Thus God has created a system by which
mankind must work for a living and if he is successful may gain a higher standard of living.  We
are not judged for attaining a higher standard of living (do not harm), but one will be judged for
corrupt business.  

In Genesis 3: 17 - 18 -- Adam's sin of disobedience --- resulted in judgment from God that, “by
the sweat of your brow you shall eat your bread.”
The woman's corrupt business --- resulted in judgment.  “God has remembered her iniquities”
--- In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously ----- give her torment and
sorrows’.  Rev. 18: 5 - 7.

IN SEAL # 4 :
The rider was “named Death” – with hades following -- and power to kill ¼ of the earth.
Mankind was created physical and will die.  ‘It was appointed unto man, once to die and then
the judgment’.  Thus physical 'death' was from the beginning a part of God's creation.  (Death is
not reserved to tribulation, but is common to all.)

Genesis 3: 17 – 19 -- Adam's disobedience resulted in judgment--” to the dust you will return”.
Revelations 18: 7 - 8, --- The woman's (riding the beast) disobedience results in judgment ---
death “--- utterly burned with fire”.  
When the final tally of physical mankind is complete ¼ will have died a premature / early death
as the result of – ‘sword’ (war, murder), hunger (famine) death (all diseases), beasts (animals).
There is a 2nd death -- (spiritual death, separation from God) that will be the judgment upon the
rebellious at the Great White Throne Judgment.  Those judged guilty will be cast into the lake
of fire -- thus 'utterly burned with fire'.

IN SEAL # 5 :  
The message says they were “slain for the Word of God’.
Mankind was created within a spiritual conflict, --- the ‘serpent’ engaged Adam & Eve in a
spiritual battle that they were ill prepared to fight – but they were confronted with the
necessary decision of obedience or disobedience to their Creator.  They were given a choice
and made the wrong choice.  
God has created all mankind (those of a sound mind) within the circumstances that each
person must choose to obey or to disobey their Creator's law that is created into their hearts.  
When a person is convicted of personal sin, or hearing or have heard the gospel of Jesus
Christ, they are faced with the fact that they must choose to repent or not to repent -- thus to
obey or disobey.  Those who choose to believe, repent and receive Jesus as Lord are at
natural enmity with those who reject their Creator.  Throughout history some who have been
faithful / obedient to our Creator have been persecuted and some killed.  Those who were or
will be killed for their sincere faith in their Creator will have a special place prepared for them  
in heaven
In Gen. 4: 8 - 13 --- Cain slew Abel, because Abel's sacrifice was accepted by God --- resulted in
judgment of the murderer.
Revelations 18: 24 --- “In her was the blood of the prophets and Saints“--- resulted in judgment
of the murderers.

IN SEAL # 6 :
Here is a visionary preview of the final day of God’s creation; the last of the rebellious are
being destroyed (6: 12 – 17), as – the Family of God is seen ‘standing before the throne’ in
Heaven -- chapter 7..  This vision shows 2 distinct groups that includes all mankind at the time
of the final day of God's physical creation.  In 6: 12 - 17 is prophesy that shows the last
generation of the rebellious and corresponds with the battle of Armageddon that is set and
ready at the conclusion of the bowels in chapter 16 then actually  occurs as is described in
Rev. 19: 11 - 21.  Chapter 7 is prophesy showing the complete resurrected family of God in
heaven as the last generation of the rebellious are being physically destroyed.   

IN SEAL # 7 :
It describes 2 important points that have been overlooked, but need to be clearly seen.  
First -- it explains the 'end' as to the time when 'The door (to heaven) will be shut' for the
'wedding' supper of the Lamb / Jesus Christ.  The timing of this is explained in Rev. 8: 1 - 4.  In
verse 1 it says, 'There was silence in heaven for about half an hour'.   The scripture says that
the angels sing in heaven when one sinner repents.  Thus, with silence in heaven -- the angels
would not be singing -- thus no one is repenting / being saved.  This is verified by the
statement in verse 3 as it says 'That he should offer it with the prayers of 
the prayers of ALL who will receive Christ have been prayed and received by our Creator.  So --
with no one entering the Kingdom of Heaven there is on reason for earth to continue -- the
door is closed  and the tribulation / destruction begins immediately in verse 5.

Thus the beginning of the 7 year tribulation is NOT explained by the day, date / time, but the
condition, circumstances / time of the beginning of the end.  Jesus when here on earth, said
that He did not know the day, but only the Father in heaven.  God knows the day /
circumstances and He will end His creation at / by His decision when the correct time comes --
when all decisions have been made -- no one else to be saved.

The 7th seal also explains the tribulation and the rest of the Revelation.  It describes the seven
year tribulation in two parts.  7 trumpets are the first 3 & 1/2 years and the 7 bowels are the
second 3 & ½ years.  Thus, there are 3 sets of 7s, but only 2 time periods of 3 & ½ years each
that are clearly divided between trumpets and bowels.  The trumpets destroy 1/3 of creation,
then the bowels destroy completely.  

Another ‘common sense’ point;  

In the book of Revelation there are no national divisions, nationalities nor races of people.  
Only 2 groups – the Family of God – and those who are not part of the family of God -- only
those whose names are written in the ‘Book of Life’ and those who are not.  
In the Old Testament many nations are listed, but when it comes to the end there are only 2
groups -- the faithful and the unfaithful.  
The Family of God are listed in Rev. chapter 7.  They are the 144,000 in verses 4 - 7 and the
'Great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues.' No
national divisions.  

Mankind who are not part of the family of God are listed in Rev. 6; 15.  They are the 'Kings of the
earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every
free man'.  Thus people from every walk of life -- no nationalities or divisions.  

A Common Sense Point --

Revelation 13: 18 says; ‘--- it is the number of a man: (singular) His number is 666.’

*** Teachings on prophesy says that 666 is the number of a person who is the anti-christ and is
probably alive today and probably lives somewhere in Europe.

BUT  ??? Since ‘man’ is singular – does that mean – ONLY one man ??  
NO – if I say – a man (singular) has two arms – does that mean that only one man has two arms.  
NO – it means that the ‘condition’ of mankind is – that mankind has two arms.   

SOO --- the interpretation is that at the end of Revelation 13 (time & place) all mankind are
without  Jesus Christ –  and as such they are ‘666’ – incomplete (a ’6’ – not a ‘7’) and have no
opportunity to become complete in Jesus Christ as the door to heaven has been closed.
(In Biblical studies the number 7 is commonly know as all or complete-- thus '6' is incomplete).  

Common sense tells us to interpret scripture within its context.  '666' is the last word in Rev. 13
and is the conclusion of a long explanation that begins with Rev. 8: 13.  Here in verse 13 the
'Wow Wow Wow corresponds with trumpets 5, 6 and 7.  Trumpets 5, 6 and 7 explain spiritual
destruction of mankind who have rejected God.  They rejected God, the door to heaven is
closed and they are outside, UNREPENTANT and have no opportunity to enter heaven.   Also
they are the same as satan and ‘the beast’ --- judged eternally guilty by God – cannot repent.  
The doors of Heaven have been closed.  (Reference Matthew 25: 1 ff).

Please read ‘Interpretation 0f 666’  - in this website.  

‘Common sense point;

There are 2 ‘Reapings’ of the earth.  The final members of the Family of God are reaped
(raptured) from earth as explained in 14: 14 : - 16.  This is after the 7th trumpet.  (1 Cor. 15: - 52).
(The 7th trumpet is sounded in chapter 11: 15 and continues through chap. 15).  With the
explanations of the 3rd 'Wow' & 7th trumpet, then comes the final destruction of the 7 bowels of
God’s wrath in Rev. 16.  The final generation of rebellious mankind is reaped after the 7
bowels, with the conclusion of the Battle of Armageddon.  (Rev. 19: 21).  
The family of God is 'reaped by the 'One like the Son of Man' sitting on a cloud.   
The family of God is 'reaped' by their Lord and Savior, but the rebellious are 'gathered' (verse
18) by an angel.   

The reaping and the gathering of the earth, although explained in Chapter 14, do not occur at
or near the same time.  They are explained together as they represent God Himself concluding
physical mankind, rather than mankind destroying themselves.   The gathering completed in
Rev. 19: 21 is the end of physical mankind on earth.  The phrase, “--- the birds were filled with
their flesh”, -- is an illustration that says that there is no one left to bury the dead.  
Armageddon's battle explained in Rev. 19: 11- 21 is the end of all physical mankind.  They are
killed by the 'sword' (Word of God) from the mouth of Jesus Christ, not by nuclear war or any
other acts of mankind.  God almighty is in charge of the end.     

A common sense’ point;  

Although many, if not all explain the millennial as physical mankind -- the 1,000 year (millennial)
reign of Christ is ‘spiritual’ not physical.   This is the 'first resurrection', Rev. 20: 5, thus, not
physical.  The saints (Family of God) receive their resurrected bodies, as was Jesus’ body after
His resurrection from the grave.  The last of the true believers are raptured in Rev. 14 and with
the rest the family of God meet their Lord in the air as was prophesied in 1 Corinthians 15.  In
Acts 1: 9 it says that 'a cloud received Him out of their sight'.  Then the angel informs them that
He will 'come' -- return in 'like manner'.  In Rev. 14: 14 'One like the Son of Man' (Jesus) is sitting
on a cloud and reaps the family of God.  The fact that both verses mention 'clouds' gives a
strong evidence that this is the rapture.  Also, chapter 14 is part of the continuing message of
the 7th / last trumpet.  Also, 14: 12 - 14 makes it clear that the family of God is reaped from the
earth -- spiritually resurrected / raptured.

Those, ‘who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their
foreheads or on their hands,’ are there with Jesus Christ.  This does not mean that
they are the only ones there, but that the last of the Family of God is there, thus the Family of
God is complete.  All God’s children are with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to reign with
Him for 1,000 years as described in Rev 20: 4 - 6.  The terminology used in 20: 4 - 6 are not
words that describe a physical life, but they do explain spiritual circumstances.  ('Thrones,
judgment, reigned with Christ, First resurrection', etc).  

A ‘common sense’ point;

There will be a final battle after the 1,000 year reign of Christ.  All persons involved will be
spiritual (only) beings.  satan will be released and the souls of rebellious mankind will be
gathered from 'the four corners of the earth' (a spiritual place -- separated from God) to make
war against the family of God.  Gog and Magog is a name given by God to all mankind who
rebelled against Him.  It is commonly taught that many nations that include Gog and Magog are
the enemies of God's people. (Ezekiel etc).  Yet Israel and Jerusalem are also listed and
receive the same message.  The message to the many nations of the Old Testament, which are
the known world at that time is -- you have sinned, you will die and then the judgment.  When
time has progressed to the end -- Revelation does not name all the nations of the world, but
groups all rebellious mankind of all nations into one group named 'gog and magog'.
The other of the 2 only groups is the family of God who have just completed the 1,000 year
reign with Jesus Christ.  The ‘camp’ (‘the camp’ 20: - 9 – because it is a temporary place) of the
saints is surrounded and immediately the devil / satan is cast into the ‘Lake of Fire’ and
rebellious mankind is ready to receive their resurrected bodies for the ‘Great White Throne
There are 3 notable battles described in Revelation.  1). The battle of the 6th trumpet through
which satan and the beast take control of all mankind.  This is explained in Rev. 9: 13 - 21.   2).
The battle of Armageddon through which all mankind are physically killed by the sword (Word of
God) -- explained in Rev. 19: 11 - 21.   3). The final battle as explained in this section above.  
It makes good common sense that this will happed this way for the scripture says, in Matt. 22:
44, as Jesus quotes Ps. 110: 1, 'The Lord said to my Lord, sit at My right hand, till I make Your
enemies Your footstool'.   

Important point;  

With the conclusion of the ‘final battle’ these things have clearly happened;  
***satan + 1/3 of the angels rebelled in Heaven – were judged guilty and cast out – confined to
the earthly realm.    
***The fallen angels continue their rebellion – joined together with rebellious mankind on earth
(the beast & followers of the beast).  
***Fallen angels + rebellious mankind will take control of earth – then God will destroy their
spoils of war and rebellious mankind.  
***Then after 1,000 years all the rebellious are released, gathered and proceed to make war
again – then, they will be utterly defeated.  
Recognizing all of history drawing toward a conclusion, we clearly see all rebellion defeated.  
The rebellion in Heaven defeated – the rebellion on earth defeated – the rebellion in the
spiritual realm defeated !!


“You have made Him to have dominion over the works of Your hands; You have put all things under
His feet” 
 (Psalm 8: 6 & I Corinthians 15: 27).  

Understanding this ‘important point’ makes Ezekiel chapters 37 – 39 make good sense.

One more point;  

Every human being, EXCEPT the beast and the false prophet  (Rev. 19: 20), will be at the ‘Great
White Throne Judgment – from Adam to the last person born.  All whose names are written in
the ‘Lamb’s Book of Life’ will receive their reward - their Heavenly home.  All whose names are
not found in the ‘Lamb’s Book of Life’ will be cast into the lake of fire.   
Mankind who make up the beast and the false prophet, who deceived mankind, will NOT get
their day in court, but well be cast ‘alive’ into the ‘lake of fire’.  (Rev.19: 20).  
May God bless you with the understanding of His Word !!!!


Revelation is from the right hand of God to the Church (True Family of God).  
The Church is to give the message to all mankind.  

The message gives / explains to mankind;  

****The conditions / the realities / the spiritual law under which all mankind has lived.  
Seals #s 1 – 5.  

****The fact that all mankind is divided into 2 groups and explains each group’s circumstances
at the last day of physical existence.  6th Seal.   

**** Describes the circumstances when the end begins and the way / the process by which God
will bring to a close / destroy His creation.  (7 years of tribulation and destruction). 7th  Seal.

****The fact that after the physical death of all mankind, all mankind will stand to give account /
to be judged by God their Creator to determine the eternal destiny of each person who has
ever lived.  (The Great White Throne Judgment).

QUESTION;   Of the 4 statements above -- which is the most important for mankind to hear / to
understand ??  

ANSWER;  The 4th statement is most important as – at the Great White Throne Judgment your
eternal destiny will be declared.  

God our Creator set / determined each of these 4 messages given to us from His right hand.  
Mankind had no say in them and all mankind has and will live by them.  I can-not change the
reality of the things prophesied in the Book of Revelation.  


Any / every human being who sincerely determines to believe in God their Creator and follow
His plan / instructions to open their heart / spirit, to pray / receive Jesus Christ as Lord,
confessing and repenting of their sins and following our Lord’s teachings -- their names will be
written in the Lamb’s Book of Life by Jesus Christ.  


Although the preaching and teaching of the tribulation, the 666, the millennial, the warfare of
nations, etc is prominent, exciting, sells a lot of books, etc. yet the most important message is
the ‘Final Message’, which is also the FIRST MESSAGE of Jesus Christ in Matthew 4: 17.  
“From that time Jesus began both to preach and to say, Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at
hand .” 

Therefore we conclude that the greatest, most important message from the right hand of God
and also the final message of Revelation is the need to prepare for the coming ‘Great White
Throne Judgment.  Thus the necessity that all should repent -- obey the Gospel and prepare for
the coming judgment.  


REPENT AND RECEIVE JESUS CHRIST AS LORD, and be prepared, for that judgment day is

An example prayer  (It must be your prayer -- for God's judgment will be declared to each
person individually).  

Dear Heavenly Father -- I believe that You are the Creator and the only God.  I believe that
Jesus Christ is the Messiah / the Son of God / God in flesh, who came to earth as a man and
died on a cross to pay the penalty for the sins of mankind.  I am a sinner!  Please Lord Jesus,
come into my heart and save me from my sins.  Please forgive my many sins.  Please be Lord of
my life.  Thank you for hearing my prayer -- amen.