In the world of theologians and religious teachers there is great discussion and debate about
‘the anti-Christ’.  Mostly it is taught that the anti-Christ is a single person who through great
charisma and influence takes control of a one world government.  That person would be
identified by the numerical number of his name being equal to ‘666’ as described in Revelation
13: 18.  Yet everyone can agree that there are MANY persons who reject and are against Jesus
Christ as Lord and Savior – the Messiah of God our creator.  

Anti-Christ by definition and as used in this writing is any person or being that is against Jesus
Christ, or simply does not believe that Jesus Christ is who the Bible says He is.  

It is clear in scripture that satan and demons (fallen / rebellious angels) knew who Jesus Christ
was and is and are totally against Him.  (Matthew 4: 1 – 11), and (Matthew 8: 28 – 32).  satan
and demons are created by God, spiritual beings who know Jesus Christ, are determined
enemies and thus ‘anti-Christ’.  

There is also in the Bible many references / examples of persons who did not believe that Jesus
Christ was the Messiah / Son of God as the Bible teaches.  Thus, they were anti-Christ.  There
is also on every street in all the world people who do not believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son
of God.  They are not as the fallen angels, who know Jesus Christ and rebel against Him.  But
they reject, do not believe, nor do not choose Jesus Christ as their Lord, thus they are anti-

Thus -- any and all persons and spiritual beings who have not chosen to follow and obey Jesus
Christ are anti-Christ.  All whose name is not written by Jesus Christ in the ‘Lamb’s Book of
Life’ is anti-Christ.  

Those who have rejected Jesus Christ and are therefore anti-Christ are best explained in the
Biblical book of Revelation.  In chapters 12 and 13 is given a short and precise description /
explanation of spiritual warfare as those who are rebellious against / unfaithful to their Creator
make war against God and those who are faithful to their Creator.  

In Revelation 12 is explained the rebellion of satan and 1/3 of the angels of heaven.  Although
they were in heaven and most certainly knew God and His plan through Jesus Christ, they
made war against God desiring to rule in God’s heaven.  satan attempted to destroy God’s plan
through Jesus Christ as described in Revelation 12: 3 – 5.  satan and his followers were thrown
out of heaven as described in Revelation 12: 7 – 9.  Then satan continued his rebellion making
war against all of the family of God as they were disobedient to our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ as seen in 12: 13 - 17.  Thus, in Revelation 12 is a short explanation / history of anti-
Christ activities of  spiritual beings as they rebelled against God.   

In Revelation 13 is continued explanation of rebellion against God’s plan for His creation
through Jesus Christ.  In this chapter are 2 entities called ‘beasts’.  These ‘beasts’ are
comprised of all the rebellious – thus anti-Christ.  The head of the beast is satan and the fallen
angels. (spiritual head).  The body of the beast is mankind, who like the fallen angels reject /
rebel against their Creator.  Thus the anti-Christ is both spiritual and physical.  The beast is
somewhat similar to the church, (Bad comparison), but each has a spiritual head and a physical
body.  (Jesus Christ – head of the church --- satan- head of the beast).  

There are numerous descriptive things about the 1st beast in Rev. 13: 1 – 10.  Notable for this
study is that; the first beast is given great power and authority from satan, the whole world
worships both satan and the beast, the beast conquers God’s holy people, it is given authority
over all peoples and all earth’s inhabitants whose names are not written in the ‘Lambs Book of
Life’ will worship the beast.  Thus -- the first beast through rebellion and warfare takes control
/authority over what is left (the last generation) of God’s physical creation.  The first beast
completes the conquest, preparing the way for the ‘Final King’ – the anti-Christ – the 8th

The second beast inherits from the first beast rule and authority over all people on earth.  The
2nd beast is portrayed in Rev. 13: 11 – 18; as religious (the leadership becoming the ‘false
prophet’ Rev. 19: 20), performing ‘great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven’.  
It deceives the inhabitants of the earth and orders them to set up an image and forces all
people to worship the image or be killed.  It will force all people to receive the mark which is
the name of the beast or the number of its name and also the name of a man.  That number is

The  Calculation  of   ‘666’

The calculation of ‘666’ is best understood from the context in which it is written.  ‘666’ is the
last word of Revelation 13 and also the last word in the description of the 7 trumpets of
tribulation.  Thus we conclude that the calculation is derived from the explanations of the 7

“Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth, because of the remaining blasts of the trumpets
of the three angels who are about to sound.”        Revelation 8: 13b

“Woe woe woe” is synonymous with trumpet numbers ‘5’, ‘6’ and ‘7’.

The conclusion of the trumpets is ‘666’.

Therefore – three ‘Woes’ -- equals three trumpets -- equals three ‘6s’.

The conclusion of the first ‘woe’ and the 5th trumpet is seen in Revelation 9: 11.

The inhabitants of the earth have as their king the ‘destroyer’ – not Jesus Christ.

Thus, they are incomplete – a ‘6’.

The conclusion of the second ‘woe’ and the 6th trumpet is seen in Revelation 9: 20-21.

The inhabitants of the earth will not / refuse to repent of their sins.

Thus, they are incomplete – two ‘6s’.

The conclusion of the third ‘woe’ and 7th trumpet are seen in Revelation 13: 14-17.

The inhabitants of the earth will be forced to worship the image of the beast.

Thus, they are incomplete – three ‘6s’.

Conclusion and calculation of ‘666’:

Please note; every person is born incomplete –a ‘6’.  When a person believes, repents
and receives Jesus Christ as Lord they become complete – a ‘7’.

The beast (satan and his followers) and mankind who have the destroyer as king, have not
repented and are forced to worship the image of the beast.  They are ‘666’ incomplete – never
to be complete.

They will be judged ‘guilty’ -- the doors of heaven will be closed and they – outside.

satan and all who follow his rebellious ways are incomplete and at the end of chapter 13, waiting
to be cast into the lake of fire – forever without God, forever incomplete – forever ‘666’.  Their
judgment will be declared and sentence carried out at the ‘Great White Throne Judgment’ as
described in Revelation 20: 11 -15.  

Please note:  
The last two phrases of Revelation 13: 18 says, “For it is the number of a man: his number is
This is commonly understood to mean that there will come an individual, ‘a man’ (singular)
whose name numerically equals ‘666’.  This is the description of the anti-Christ – ‘a man’
whose name is numerically ‘666’.  

But please note:
If I use the same mannerism to describe a man and say, “A man has 2 arms.  Am I saying that
only one man has 2 arms?  No – I am saying that the condition of mankind is that they have 2
arms.  In the same way the above scripture is saying that the condition of mankind,  the last
generation to live on earth, is forever without God – incomplete --- ‘666’.  
This last generation are unique of all mankind – living physical human beings who are the same
as satan and the demons – awaiting destruction in the lake of fire.  The doors of heaven are
closed and they are outside --- ‘666’ forever separated from God.  

With the above explanations we conclude that satan and the 1/3 of the angels who rebelled
against God – plus the last generation of mankind whose names will not be written in the
‘Lamb’s Book of Life’ comprise the beast.  They have rejected Jesus Christ, made war against
their Creator, the doors of heaven are closed and they are outside forever -- separated from
God their Creator – ‘666’ incomplete forever.  The beast is people from all nations, races,
languages and from all walks of life, occupations and social status – kings to servants – from
rich to poor.  

There remains one being that needs to be identified – the 8th king.  

It is important to identify the ‘final or the 8th king’ as it helps to understand the conclusion of
God,s creation – God in control of all things.  With the final conclusion, we see the greatness,
the love, and justice of God our Creator !!   

“This calls for a mind of wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits.
They are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; but when he
does come, he must remain for only a little while. The beast who once was, and now is not, is an
eight king. He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction.”    (Revelation 17: 9 – 11).  

We believe and thus interpret that the number ‘7’ as used here in Revelation means ‘complete
or all’.    

Therefore – ‘7’ churches in chapters 2 & 3 are messages to all churches / the entire Family of
God.  The message from the right hand of God sealed with ‘7 Seals’ is the complete or all or –
the final message that we will receive from the hand of God.  

Soo – ‘seven hills on which the woman sits’ in verse 9 is speaking about the entire world or all
the hills of earth.  Because – at the end of chapter 13, all of mankind is under the control of the
beast.  (Rev. 13: 16 – 18).  

The seven heads are also ‘seven kings’ – which means all the kings of history who have
followed the rebellious way of satan / and the beast.  Thus – 7 rebellious kings means all the
physical kings that have been and are anti-Christ.

Therefore – ‘the last king’ / ‘the 8th king’ is not physical, but a spiritual being.  

satan is the last or the 8th king.  The beast who once was, now is not, and yet will come (Rev.
17: 8) can only describe satan.  satan was ‘once’ an anointed one in heaven, then cast out and
became the 8th king on earth – then he was bound in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years ‘is not’
– then he will be loosed for a little while, ‘yet will come’.    

The importance of understanding this is to understand that:

# 1.  All rebellion against and opposition against God / Jesus Christ is defeated / cast out of
heaven --  GOD IS GOD in heavenly realms.   

# 2.  All unbelief, rebellion and opposition against God / Jesus Christ will be totally defeated in
the earthly realm.  

# 3.  All rebellion and opposition against God / Jesus Christ will be completely destroyed in the
eternal / spiritual realm.