Biblical Prophecy of Judgment --- 5 laws by which God will judge all mankind.

Biblical prophecy is a very prominent part of the Bible.  Prophecies are numerous and
speak to many and varied subjects.  

There are two major categories of prophecy and under each category various subjects.    

1).  One category / type of prophecy is prophecy that tells of events that happen to
mankind -- in which mankind is involved  or is active in the carrying out of the prophecy.  


The destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians.  

2).  Another category / type of prophecy is prophecy in which mankind has no
involvement -- totally an act of God intervening in physical creation bringing to pass that
which He has determined / prophesied.

Some examples:

The birth and life of Jesus Christ -- the end time tribulation -- the final judgment of
mankind, etc.

We are told in Scriptures that God will prophesy to His creation events to come.

"Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; before they
sprang forth I tell you of them."    Isaiah 42: 9.

"Surely, the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the
prophets."   Amos 3: 7

Therefore, since God reveals before He acts, He has given to us the final events of His
creation in the book of Revelation.

The prophecy of Revelation is unique as compared the other prophecies in the Bible and
totally an act of God.

First --- it is unique in its manner of delivery to mankind.

The message is from the right hand of God as He sits on the throne, sealed with seven
seals, which only Jesus Christ can open.  

*** "And I saw in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne a scroll written inside and
on the back, sealed with seven seals."    Revelation 5: 1.  

*** "And I looked, and behold, in the midst of the throne, and of the four living creatures,
and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as though it had been slain,  ---.  Then He
came and took the scroll out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne.  -----, You are
worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, for You were slain and have redeemed us
to God by Your blood."  Revelation 5: 6, 7, & 9.

All prophecy comes from God through Jesus Christ --- He is the author of the future.

"For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Revelation 19: 10b.

Therefore, because of the manner of delivery as described in Chapter 5 and referred to
above, we see the importance and uniqueness of this prophecy in Revelation.  God
seated on the throne, only Jesus can open and all of creation declaring the worthiness of
Jesus to open the seven sealed scroll makes to be most important among the

Most important because:

The old testament  prophecies were primarily given to Israel and the peoples
surrounding the nation of Israel.  OT prophecies were not the whole of prophecy, but
when combined with Revelation we see the coming of Jesus Christ -- coming judgment
of the nations and then end time prophesies.  All of prophecy rightly interpreted reveals
the whole message from our Creator.

### But this prophecy from the right hand of God seated on the throne is given to all
mankind, as all mankind will be present at the great White Throne judgement.  The great
White Throne judgment is the final judgment of all mankind from Adam to the last person
to live.
We believe that the message of the book and prophecy of Revelation is the coming
judgment at the great White Throne of God.
There is no other message / prophecy that involves every human being that has ever

Thus -- the importance of the Revelation of prophecy from the right hand of God, sealed
with 7 'seals' -- (thus complete or completed prophecy) given to Jesus Christ.

"The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants -- -- things
which must shortly take place.  And he sent and signified it by His angel to His servant
John, who bore witness to the Word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ of all
things that he saw."  Revelation 1:1.

This statement in Revelation 1: 1 is acted out in visionary form in Revelation chapters 4
and 5.  

Please note:   In Revelation 1: 19  Jesus instructs John to, "Write the things which you
have seen".  Jesus then, quotes to John Revelation chapters 2 and 3. Then, beginning
with chapter 4: 1,  John says, "I looked",  5: 1, "and I saw",  5: 2  "Then I saw",  5: 6, "and
I looked",  5: 11,   "Then I looked",  6: 1,  "I saw",  6: 2,  "I looked",  6: 5, "I heard",  6: 6, "I
heard",  6: 7,  "I heard"  6: 9,  "I saw"  --- this same pattern continues throughout the
book of Revelation.  
Please recognize the importance that John wrote only what he saw and what he heard
from the Seven Sealed Scroll from the right hand of God seated on the throne.

*** Therefore, the message from the right hand of God gives us numerous prophecies --
God's law, tribulation, the physical end -- and the conclusion -- the Great White Throne
judgment, followed by the results of that judgment.

It is needful / necessary at any seat of judgment that there be a basis / law / or foundation
upon which judgment will be declared.  Also, there must be evidence presented to the
court of judgment.  That evidence can easily be seen from the books opened at the great
White Throne.  

### The basis / law or foundation for the great White Throne judgment is revealed as
Jesus Christ opens the Seals of the Seven Sealed Scroll from the right hand of God.  

*** Seals #s 1 -- 5 are the basis / law for the Great White Throne Judgment of God.  
(Revelation 6: 1 -- 11.)

*** Seal # 6 is the dividing of mankind into two groups -- the rebellious (Revelation 6: 12 -
17.) -- then family of God.  (Revelation chapter 7)  

*** Seal # 7 is the description of the beginning of the end time tribulation -- then the
description of the tribulation with numerous explanations -- and describes the final
judgment and the eternal dwelling place of both the rebellious and the family of God.    
(Revelation chapters 8 -- 22.)  

Explanations of Seals 1 -- 5:    

Seals 1 -- 5 give the basis / law for the judgment of all mankind.  
At the Great White Throne, the eternal destiny of all mankind will be determined.

Please note -- that there is a law, the 10 Commandments that was given to Moses, and it
is the basis of God's law for mankind.
But most mankind are not aware of, do not know of, nor are taught the 10
Commandments.  Jesus expanded upon the 10 Commandments as he taught us in the
sermon on the Mount, etc.  Yet many millions have lived, who have not known the 10
Commandments nor the teachings of Jesus or even who is Jesus Christ  ---  and they will
also be judged at the Great White Throne to determine their eternal destiny.  

Seals 1 -- 5 are the foundation of the law given in the 10 Commandments.  These Seals
and the 10 Commandments are contained in each other, expand each other and
complement each other as does the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

*** Seals 1 - 5 are the law of the heart.  (The words of this writer).  The law -- written in the
heart of every human being who has lived and who has possessed a sound mind.  
Everyone knows it is wrong to kill – to steal –to commit adultery etc.  Every human, who
has lived, is without excuse to believe or not to believe in God -- it is their personal
decision and evidence is everywhere.

" For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being
understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that
they are without excuse, --- ".   Romans 1: 20.

Seal #s 1 - 4 have in common;  announcements from one of the four living creatures, a
horse -- the courier, a rider -- mankind.

SEAL # 1:

The message of seal number one is twofold:

1. The rider had a bow -- a bow is an implement made from God's creation.  It can be used
for good (help to put food on the table) or bad (to threaten harm or to kill a neighbor).  
Mankind is given from God, the ability to make things from His creation from wooden
bows to nuclear power and mankind will be judged by how he uses it.  

2.  The rider was given a crown -- --  the crown represents freedom of choice -- like a
Mankind is given / guaranteed from God, the right to choose -- make their own decision
both physically and spiritually.

God allows every person to choose their occupation and life-stile, but they will be judged
by what they did with the life God gave them.  (Reference the parable of the talents).
(God did not make slavery  --- mankind did). 

Mankind is guaranteed the right to believe or not -- receive or reject -- the God who
created them.  Every human being is guaranteed the right to choose, and to call upon the
name of the Lord --- or not.  No man nor army can prevent any person, in their mind to
believe and pray to God for salvation.  At the Great White Throne Judgment each human
being will receive the consequences of the choice, which they made.

SEAL # 2:

The message of Seal number two is twofold:  

1. "It was granted to the one who sat on the horse to take peace from the earth."  
Mankind is granted (not given) to 'take away peace' / cause trouble.

Example == A person walking peacefully down the road, then meets another person,
who speaks with anger, malice, prejudice, etc.  Peace is taken away and trouble ensues,
(sin) which has the possibility to escalate even to the point of murder -- the sword.  

2. The rider was given a great sword:  
The term 'great sword' is given to symbolize sin -- many and great sin.  If a person
speaks to another in anger -- it is sin.  If a person speaks with malice to another - it is sin.  
If a person treats another with prejudice - it is sin.  Yet the greatest sin against another
person is to kill them.  Thus, the 'great sword' is used as a term implying / referring too
the physical sinfulness of mankind.  An angry word -- murder, both are sin.  Unforgiven
sin == spiritual death.

"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Romans 3: 23.  

Peace is taken away by sin -- where there is unforgiven sin there is no peace.  

To mankind is given great freedom -- to sin -- even a great sword.  
The great sword is given as an example, being the greatest sin against another person,
but sin also includes lying, stealing, adultery, etc.  

At the great White Throne Judgment, mankind will be judged for physical sin.

SEAL # 3:

In the message of the third Seal the rider 'had a pair of scales'.  The scales represent the
exercising of business / work of the individual person.  Because –
in verse six the message refers to the cost of food -- thus, the necessities of life.  
All mankind, at the Great White Throne Judgment, will be held accountable for the way
they conducted business and the work that they did in their life time.  (Honesty - fairness
- etc.)  (Reference Rev. chapter 18).  

"do not harm the oil and the wine' --- as the grain would be for the necessities of  life -- 

'oil and wine' (makes it tast good) can be considered luxeries -- thus the message would say --

it is not sin, to through hard work and good honest business to gain the better things of life.

SEAL # 4:

The message of the 4th Seal is -- the rider is named death -- and one fourth of mankind
will die a tragic -- premature or early death.  
All mankind must die a physical death as God declared to Adam in Genesis 3: 19 'for dust
you are and to dust you shall return.'

All mankind's destiny is determined at the point of physical death, as is illustrated in
Jesus' parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man in Luke 16: 19 - 31 --- hell for the rebellious /
disobedient against God -- or -- Abraham's bosom (A place prepared for the family of
God) for God's family.  

The Great White Throne Judgment is a judgment in the spiritual realm.  
Mankind -- who had previously died physically -- their spirits then residing in their
respective place, until they are united with their resurrected bodies to be judged at the
Great White Throne.  

Thus, the Great White Throne judgment is a judgment of spiritual mankind that
determines spiritual death for those who have rejected God.
This spiritual death is separation from God and the provisions for spiritual life that are
from God --- forever.  

At the Great White Throne the family of God will be rewarded eternity in heaven – and the
provisions described in Revelation chapters 21 & 22.

SEAL # 5:

The message of the fifth seal declares that those who have killed the servants of God will
be judged for their actions at the Great White Throne.  Seal 5 also gives confidence /
assurance to the family of God, who are persecuted and killed for their testimony --- 
'under the altar' is a special place prepared by God for those 'slain for the 'Word of God'.  

Seal # 6 is not a part of the 'Law of the Heart', but gives to mankind a visionary picture of
the end of physical mankind -- the rebellious being destroyed on earth as the family of
God are before the throne of God in heaven.  Rev. 6:12 - chapter 7

Whereas, there are numerous variations of the interpretation of Revelation and the fact
that Seals one through five are almost unanimously interpreted to be tribulation, it is
necessary to make some explanations.

Tribulation is explained through the message of the seventh Seal, which is opened in
Revelation 8: 1.  The message of the seventh seal then continues from Chapter 8, all the
way through to the end of the book of Revelation --- thus, the 7th sealed message is the
complete  message of tribulation.  (The number '7' is a complete number in prophecy).  
The tribulation, explanations and judgment are explained as Jesus Christ opens the 7th
Seal.  From the beginning God had a plan for His creation that included how He would
end His creation.  He prophesied / reveals to us that plan through the seven sealed
message from His right hand.  

There is a judgment declared, an illustration of judgment against the woman / great harlot
who sits on the scarlet beast in chapters 17 & 18.
The woman, by the descriptions given of her, is representative of mankind, who has
rejected God their creator.  (In a similar / like manner  the 'Bride of Christ' (a woman) is
representative of the family of God.)   The extensive descriptions and explanations of this
woman called Babylon the great / the mother of harlots and abominations contains five
judgments. These five judgments correspond with -- are of the same nature / spirit as the
judgments explained in Seals one through five.  The judgments of the woman are
expanded / more explanation, as compared to the Seals, thus giving a broader
understanding of the Great White Throne Judgments.  The five Seals established the
basis / law for judgment and the judgment against the great harlot describes the
lifestyles of those who will be judged guilty at the Great White Throne.  

The law of Seal number # 1:

The crown of choice ===  The family of God, described as the 'Bride of Christ', has
                      exercised their choice, choosing to believe in God --
                      obedient to God's plan -- their names written in the
                      Lamb's book of life --- thus there is no further judgment
                      for them -- innocent by the blood of the Lamb.  

                       Mankind, who by choice rejected God, represented by
                       the great harlot are judged to be unfaithful / spiritual
                       fornication -- rejecting their God and creator --- thus,
                      guilty.     (Reference --  Revelation 17: 2 & 18: 3).

The law of seal # 2:

Take away peace & a great sword ===  The physical sins of the great harlot have
                                            reached to heaven -- thus, judged guilty.  
                                              (Reference --  Revelation 18: 5).  

                                           The great harlot  is also judged guilty of the
                                             blood of ‘all that were slain upon the earth.  
                                              Revelation 18: 24b.

The law of seal # 3:

'Scales' -- business ===  The great harlot used corrupt business to amass the
                    riches of the world --- no time for God, thus, found guilty.  
                      (Reference -- Revelation 17: 4 & 18: 6 & 9 - 19).

The law of Seal # 4:

''Death"  ===  The great harlot denies death – then judgment --- thus, judged guilty.  
                 (Reference  -- Revelation 18: 7b - 8.)  

The law of Seal # 5:

To kill because of the Word of God  ==  The great harlot was drunk with the blood         
                                                   of the saints --- thus judged guilty.
----                                                                       ---  Revelation 17: 6 & 18: 24.  

With the above explanations we believe that God has given to 
all mankind a prophecy,
(The book of Revelation, from the right hand of God -- seated on His throne),
that He will judge 
all mankind at a time and place called the Great White Throne
Judgment.  With 5 pre-determined judgments, God will judge.  Every sound-minded
knows right from wrong and will recognize the justice declared at the Great White
Throne Judgment.  

God created all -- from Adam to the last person -- all belong to Him and He has
determined this judgment will come with 
all present at His Throne of Judgment.  

God has given fair warning --- and mankind is without excuse.

The obedient family of God, whose names are written in the Book of Life will be with their
creator  forever, as pre-determined during their lifetime.  

Mankind, who has rejected God -- being disobedient until physical death -- will be judged
– then given their pre-determined choice of disobedience -- separation from God forever.


Whereas the scripture says 'Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord (Jesus Christ)
shall be saved',  and 'No man comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ', yet
down through history and also in the 21st century many millions / billions have never
seen a Bible / never heard of the 10 commandments nor heard of the Messiah / Jesus
Christ.  The 'Law of the Heart' exist and is at work in every human who is of a sound

1) all, who are of a sound mind have no excuse for unbelief, because the entire nature
declares that there must be a Creator.  
2) All, who are of a sound mind, by nature know right from wrong -- wrong is sin.  
3) All of a sound mind, know honesty / integrity in a person's life work is correct.  
4) All know that they will die and then must give an account for their life.  

All mankind as humans have an eternal spirit given to them in their mother's womb at
conception.  (Zach. 12: 1).  God created their spirit and we must conclude that God loves
them all and gave Jesus Christ, Himself, for them.   
We believe that Jesus Christ is the
'Light' in Genesis 1: 3 -- then Jesus Christ from the beginning had the 'Book of Life' and
those who never heard the Gospel, but believed and obeyed what they knew -- Jesus
Christ would write their name in the 'Book'.  

Thus God reaches out - touches each person in a unique way.  If the person responds in
a positive way to God's touch, then the Holy Spirit begins to interact with that person and
will teach them as far as possible -- when the person stops responding / learning -- the
Holy Spirit stops.  God will not force Himself on an unwilling person.  Yet after a person
has committed themselves to God -- He 
can, at HIS discretion, correct / discipline a
disobedient servant and bless an obedient servant.  

Each person, who is born in a family / circumstance to have access to the Bible / the
Gospel, is greatly blessed -- yet each one must choose to obey or disobey their Creator.  
Each person, who is born without those blessings, is also loved by their Creator and He
does not leave them without a witness -- and they too must choose to be obedient  or
disobedient to their Creator in what they know / the witness given to them.  

In the Biblical story of Jonah and Nineveh, God went to some length to send Jonah to
instruct the people of Nineveh to repent.  The people of Nineveh greatly responded, but
the prophet was angry that God did not destroy them.  God then said to Jonah, 'Should I
not pity Nineveh, that great city, in which are more than one hundred and twenty
thousand persons who cannot discern between their right hand from their left --- and
much livestock?  Thus illustrates the fact that God loves all His creation, even those who
do not have the mental ability to know right from left.  

Therefore, as God's judgment is justice -- mankind will be judged according to the
knowledge they have -- what they know by nature and their response to the witness
given to them.  

The scripture says in Genesis 4: 26b, Then men began to call on the name of the Lord' --
and also in Romans 10: 13, 'For whosoever calls on the name of the Lordshall be saved'.   

Soo -- beginning with the first family and forward Jesus Christ has been writing the
names of the believing / HIs faithful ones in the 'Book of Life'.  The names of each of the
faithful will be seen when the 'books' are opened at the Great White Throne Judgment.  

Thus -- in God's judgment  at the Great White Throne -- justice will be carried out through
the law as prophesied to us in 'seals' 1 - 4.  


There are two groups that are the family of God.  1). The 144,000 of the 12 tribes of  Israel,
who were sealed and enumerated in Revelation 7: 4 - 8.  2). The great multitude, who had
washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb, as described in Revelation 7: 9 - 17.  These
will be at the Great White Throne, but not subject to judgment -- their names are found
written in the Lamb's Book of Life -- they are the children / the family of God.  

Then there are those who -- Revelation 20: 12b, 'And the dead were judged according to
their works, by the things written in the books'.  And also, 'Revelation 20: 13b, 'And they
were judged each one according to his works.'  After the judgment, Revelation 20: 14,
'Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire.  This is the second death'.  

It is evident in Jesus' teachings in Matthew 11: 20 - 24 and Luke 10: 12 - 16 and etc, that
judgment will be carried out according to the witness / evidence / knowledge that the
individual has and how they responded.  This would strongly say that God's judgment
will be just according to each person's life and experience.  


If a person has heard the Gospel of Christ and rejected it -- they should not think that
they would then be judged positively according to the life they have lived. But having
refused 'such great salvation', they would be judged guilty and receive the appropriate

A testimony of approximately 40 years ago by a Filipino pastor.  

The Filipino pastor was employed by their association of churches to go into an interior
mountainous area to find and witness to a primitive people group.  After several days
travel by foot through mountainous jungle he saw smoke coming up out of the trees on a
mountain side adjacent to the mountain he was on.  He took a bering from the top of a
tree then walked down into the valley -- up the other side and found the dwellings of the
people.  It was known that a people was in these mountains, but they had not been in
contact with the outside world.  Thus, when the pastor found the village there was no
one in sight, but there was food still on their fires.  

So, the pastor set up his camp under a tree at the edge of the village, then sat down and
began to sing.  After a while one person came back and began to tend their fire.  Then in
time all the people returned to their homes, but would not speak to the pastor.  The
pastor maintained his camp, cooked his food and listened to the people as they
communicated to each other.  After some days he learned a few words including how
they greeted each other.  One day as a man walked near him he greeted him in their
language.  After several greetings the man began to talk to the pastor.  

One morning as the pastor was preparing his breakfast, he noticed a difference in the
things they were doing.  The people dressed differently, they were very busy as if in a
hurry, each family prepared a bowl of food.  At a point of time they all in groups took their
bowels of food and in a line started out a jungle trail.  The pastor quickly got his food and
fell in line near the man who had begun to talk to him.  

They walked for some distance and came to a high straight up rock cleft.   There each
family group approached an alter-like place and placed their coconut bowl of food as if
an offering as they all sang and chanted.  After they concluded the people began in order
to return down the trail toward their village.  

The Filipino pastor got in line beside the man to whom he had been talking.  As they
walked along  the pastor ask about what they had done.  He answered that they gave an
offering to the one who made everything.  Pastor asked -- what is his name.  He
answered -- he has no name.  Pastor asked -- what does he look like.  He answered -- you
can not make a picture of him nor see him.  Pastor asked -- what did he make.  He
answered by pointing at the trees, flowers, the animals and said -- he made everything.  
The pastor told him -- let me tell you about the Creator God who sent His Son to teach us
about Him.   

The Filipino pastor stayed with this people group many months then left them -- leaving
all as believers in God / Jesus Christ and with many scriptures that he taught them to

In Revelation 20: 11 - 15 is the explanation of the Great White Throne Judgment.  In these
verses is explained;;

*** God seated on His throne --  
*** The 'dead, small and great standing before God' --  
*** The 'books were opened' --  
*** 'Another book was opened, which is the Book of Life' --  
*** 'The dead were judged according to their works' as 'written in the books' --   
*** The 'sea -- and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them' ---  
*** 'And they were judged , each one according to his works' --  
*** Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire' --- 'the second death' ---  
*** 'And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire'. ---

Please note ---
The 'dead' (lower case d) are before the throne --- the books are opened -- and also the
Book of Life -- the dead are judged - by the books (V. 12) --- and then (V. 13 - 14) 'The sea -
and Death and Hades (note upper case D & H used -- specific places) delivered up the
dead (lower case d)- in them -- the dead are judged by the books and cast into the lake of
fire -- 'the second death' .  


It seems that there could be a place in all this for the judgment of mankind, who were not
descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel nor of those who had washed their robes in the
blood of the Lamb --- those who did not have the witness of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-
Israel, nor had never seen a Bible or heard the Gospel.  (Judged by the law of the heart).

There are a few of these mentioned in the scriptures --- Seth, Noah, Melchizedek, priest of
Most High God, -- Jethro, priest of Median,  -- Ruth, g-grandmother of king David -- etc.  
There must be many who were no of the 12 tribes nor had opportunity to hear the